Leap Motion upgrade can support virtual reality gesture interactive digital news Tencent (Leon) Leap Motion is a PC gesture control technology appears very early in the market, through the depth camera to identify the user action outside, even with HP and other PC manufacturers to launch the built-in type machine. Earlier this year, Leap Motion also said that it will be through software upgrades to make its hardware support for popular virtual reality space gesture control. Leap Motion the technology named "Interaction Engine" (Interactive engine), is essentially a combination of the popular Unity game engine with Leap Motion on real-world hand motion detection, virtual reality operation. Leap Motion said that the technology has the distinction between "throw" and "push", the future will be to achieve more realistic results of simulation, such as the combination of physical engine, to achieve a realistic parabolic throwing experience. Interaction Engine is currently available for download, the user can add its as a module of the Unity engine, but more features will be available in the future. Leap Motion plans to build a more complete virtual reality platform, called "Orion", Interaction Engine is just a part of it. Leap Motion launched the interactive engine to redefine the VR gesture interaction source: techradar相关的主题文章:

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