National Defense University political commissar Liu Yazhou: Chinese not according to Western ways to Chinese News – Sohu governance focuses on the historical experience of the National Defense University political commissar Liu Yazhou China governance that no Western fiction premise, is taking the "evidence" of the way, that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, which makes the "historical experience" in China governance on a special and important role. National governance, the key in the top-level design. On this issue, there are a lot of scholars from the "democracy" and "freedom" and "human rights" and other fixed values of humanity, morality or rule of law through demonstration to open, ideal self "predication". This road is the West’s "Leaning Tower of Pisa" for westerners to reach the top, and China is the "Yellow Crane Tower", Chinese does not fit the tower "". That is to say, it is difficult for China to take the road of "Leaning Tower of Pisa" to seek national governance. The western countries seek national governance, usually starting from the premise of fiction, such as "natural human rights", and then around this imaginary premise to carry out the so-called "freedom" and "democratic argument". This argument is basically "theoretical proof", easy to perfect, but not very practical. For example, Britain has a constitutional monarchy framework, only Rock’s contract theory, but also France Montesquieu’s spirit of law". Reading Rock and Montesquieu’s "argumentation", "literary beauty" is amazing, but practical is not so spiritual, it can not be said is a pity. China’s governance has its own national conditions and characteristics. Its national conditions and characteristics decide that it can not follow the western way. Because there is no Western Chinese governance like fiction premise, is taking the "evidence" of the way, that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, advocating the traditional learning in practice, explore in practice and Enlightenment in practice, which makes the "historical experience" in China governance has a special status and important. Throughout China’s five thousand years of history, government organizations and taxes, military services, elections and other systems, have a clear historical heritage imprint. As in the government organization, from the "government official" system to the Sui and Tang Dynasties "six provinces" in Qin and Han Dynasty, to the Ming Dynasty cabinet system, as the product and Sublation of historical philosophy and absorb experience. History is a reliable data for strategic research and an important basis for correct decision making. The ancients said, "if you want to destroy your country, you must first destroy its history."." Without the collective memory of history, it is difficult to have a wide range of practical identity. The more a nation’s own history is, the more cohesive it is. Such cohesion is the "roof" of national identity and the foundation of nuclear fission on the road of development. Lian Shu written "Comrade China red, China dream of history writing a book", adhere to the "Chinese taste", the "historical experience demonstration" method, with the history to speak, speak with the facts, materials used to speak, with typical speech, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream interpretation of concrete, vivid and form a "Chinese red line, novel and unique, interesting, than the empty theory of" scream "to attract more people, more acceptable and more convincing, also does not appear," covered "The climate does not suit one. uncomfortable phenomenon, rare!

国防大学政委刘亚洲:中国不能按西方的路子来-搜狐新闻   中国治道重在历史经验   国防大学政委 刘亚洲   中国治道没有西方那样的虚构前提,走的是“事实论证”的路子,强调实践是检验真理的唯一标准,这就使“历史经验”在中国治道上有着特殊而又重要的地位。   国家治道,关键在顶层设计。在这一问题上,有很多学者是从“民主”“自由”“人权”等既定价值出发,通过人性、道德或者法治论证开路,以理想主义者自我“立言”。这个路子是西方的“比萨斜塔”,适合西方人登攀,而中国是“黄鹤楼”,中国人不适合登“斜塔”。也就是说,在中国走“比萨斜塔”的路子寻求国家治道,难以行通。   西方寻求国家治道,通常是从虚构前提出发,比如“天赋人权”,然后再围绕这个虚构前提进行所谓自由、民主论证。这样的论证,基本上是“理论论证”,容易完美,但不太实用。比如英国,有了君主立宪框架,才有洛克的契约论思想,也才有法国孟德斯鸠的“法的精神”。读洛克、孟德斯鸠的“论证”,“文美”令人惊叹,但实用起来就不那么灵,这不能不说是一种遗憾。   中国治道,有中国的国情和特点。其国情和特点,决定了不能按照西方的路子来。因为中国治道没有西方那样的虚构前提,走的是“事实论证”的路子,强调实践是检验真理的唯一标准,崇尚的传统是在实践中学习,在实践中探索,在实践中得道,这就使“历史经验”在中国治道上有着特殊而又重要的地位。   纵观中国五千年的历史,政府组织形式以及赋税、兵役、选举等制度,均有着清晰的历史传承印迹。如在政府组织方面,从秦汉时期的“三公九卿”制到隋唐的“三省六部”制,再到明代的内阁制,都是对历史哲学和经验吸收与扬弃的产物。   历史是战略研究的可靠资料,是正确决策的重要依据。古人云:“欲要亡其国,必先灭其史。”没有历史的集体记忆,就难有现实的广泛认同。一个国家自身的历史越是深入人心,就越有凝聚力。这样的凝聚力,是国家民族认同的“屋顶”,是发展之路上“核裂变”的基础。   舒炼同志撰写的《中国红��中国梦的历史书写》一书,坚持“中国味道”,采用“历史经验论证”方法,用历史说话,用事实说话,用材料说话,用典型说话,把中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦解读得具体、实在、生动,形成一条“中国红”路线,新颖独特,耐人寻味,比那种空洞无物的“理论呐喊”更能吸引人,更能令人接受和信服,也更不会出现水土不服、“浑身上下”不舒服的现象,难得可贵,应予点赞。   高度重视历史文化,传承民族记忆,延续文化血脉,依托厚重的历史土壤,奋力展开未来腾飞的翅膀,努力在中国梦的广阔蓝天中翱翔,这是时代的要求,也是我们这一代人的追求和重任,我辈必须努力而为之!相关的主题文章:

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