The Liu Ye family romance basketball   a sacrifice dance debut, entertainment channel — Liu Ye war dance rehearsal recently, CO produced by the Oriental TV, music as sports such as basketball star original reality show "Star Cross alliance" has been broadcast more than half, as LETV network independent radio variety, broadcast volume to break the 500 million mark, the first phase of the program, NBA legend Kobe is a surprise appearance, and Liu Ye, Chen Chien-chou, Wang Xun, Liang Chao, Feng Hanpu, Li Wenhan, Wang Yanyang and many other coffee star enthusiastic participation, also through the Olympic Games boom, let the audience attention again focused on sports national wide mass basis — basketball. The "Star Alliance", participate in the guest experience, cruel devil training team, against the fierce global challenge, finally completed his new metamorphosis beyond. The program is not only a professional basketball game against the stars, more funny games, funny last week, by the recovery of strength to sing as a representative of the "Raptors" come Tiguan, and privileged task is to sing, let the star family feel the pressure, in order to select the best representatives participating in the training in advance, star of the family the song was real internal trials, the accident for the audience a great variety of Star Alliance voice. Karaoke room, players singing was exposed, with little meat quality professional singer John Wen, soulful interpretation of the song "you not in" get a strong team recognized unanimously; and actor Liang Chao, playing a parody of Liu Huan’s show, "the first time", from the appearance of emotions are lifelike; Liu Ye song "people cry", is to let the brothers made a score of 90; Tian Mingxin strong northeast cavity and not good at singing, Liu Ye a sentence carefully taught him to sing, but Tian Mingxin has its unique way of reading the lyrics, anxious Liu Ye didn’t know what to do, one side of Tian Mingxin also face Meng circle of feeling "studied the song". A song of "little apple" lit the entire internal audition climax, dance, chorus, all the players are intoxicated, will also be tough and hard training in the process of fatigue swept away. For the PK game to win the final victory, Liu Ye is led by Tian Mingxin and other small meat are lined up in a war dance. The latest issue of the program, an adorable baby Liu Ye and a brother and sister Nobel Ni Na to cheer for their father, it is understood that the Nobel heard the music of Michael Jackson hi to not stop, in the "Star Alliance" more to offer his dance debut. Before Anna, Liu Ye has been a miserable and gloomy atmosphere. As the captain Liu Ye, the basketball state has been online, and is now facing the situation of domestic trouble and foreign invasion feel enormous pressure, can not help but. Anna sunshine coming, let the frowning boy regained strength. Liu Ye after the game, even into several three points, completely changed a person. From the "not in the state" to "extraordinary play", Liu Ye reproduce the "play basketball legend" style, can not help but lament the great love. Liu Ye and Anna are also generous to share their love affair, the romantic mood of the presence of all the members of the infection, Qi call too happy to see Liu Ye. More exciting content相关的主题文章:

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