Liu Zhenfa left a letter confirming to leave the last working day of Uber Chinese Wen Li Siyi before the National Day holiday (September 30th), Uber China senior vice president Liu Zhen micro letter circle of friends, "a letter to all my cares and concerns of my people" resignation letter, confirmed that she left Uber China news. The financial Tencent confirmed the news of the departure of Uber to Liu Zhen Chinese official. "In my lawyer, actually did a lot of project financing, mergers and acquisitions, I also witnessed the board of directors on the founder of off scene, rapid trading, more than a week that this time, I have repeatedly told myself, in a lawyer’s" MODE "." Liu Zhen said in the letter, but to see the plane just Travis face gaunt, told me, we are BUILDER, he is a member of the board of directors. When I told him that he is not just a director, like me, not incompetent in the process as a ‘outside counsel’." Liu Zhen said, with experienced people, not necessarily become friends, but it is one of the most sympathetic comrades. Some people still insist on Uber in China, some people continue to develop in the Internet industry. She said in the article, Travis is the biggest energy source that she has been able to face all the challenges and crises. In August 1st this year, drops travel and Uber China announced merger. Uber holds a 5.89% stake in the world, equivalent to the economic interests of the economy, the best of the rest of the Chinese shareholders of China will get a total of 2.3% of the economic interests of the 17.7%. At the same time, Cheng Wei, founder and chairman of the trip will join the Uber global board of directors. Uber founder Travis · Kalanick (Travis) will also be added to the trip board. Previously, on pieces and Uber Chinese merger rumors, Liu Zhen publicly rumor, "Uber and drops itself there are great differences and regional brand. From the brand, Uber is a global brand, bit more localized." She also said that in the Chinese car market, Uber will exceed the drops in 2017. The merger was announced the same day, Travis Kalanick social media Facebook, released to the Uber Chinese staff letter, Liu Zhen’s name after the general manager of three large area. Liu Zhen Chinese joined Uber in April 2015, as China strategic responsible person, Liu Zhen to business development work in Uber Chinese not. China IT Research Center (CNIT-Research) released the "2016 Q1 China Car Market Research Report" shows that the advantages of step with 7.8% market share ranked second. Liu Zhen did not disclose the whereabouts of her new, just said in a resignation letter, "we will continue the journey in new territory." The following is Liu Zhen circle of friends to care for me and all the attention to me, I was at the end of April 2015 with excellent step Chinese, from the start talking about the decision to join, only more than and 20 days, I will bid farewell to the nine years of law students.相关的主题文章:

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