LV Peng VS Su Wei: a 85 trendy and metaphor discussed LV Peng Su Wei Su Wei Lu Peng: Teacher: Hello, thank you for this conversation with you and look forward to sharing these thoughts with you. I would like to start from the 85 wave is now recognized as the historical location. In fact, this confirmation is repeated, especially in contemporary art and the legitimacy of the aspirations of the significance of being questioned, people are often willing to go back to a particular historical moment can seek a monument with or reused, or even critical clues. Obviously, we are now with the narrative of art history is a double strategy in, to remember in the moment of crisis, but in all kinds of desires and stimulate interest and continue to move forward, and deliberately break history. In fact, we all know that 85 is a set of coordinates, the composition is very complex. For example, the first generation of artists’ 85 main members is not often expressed after the cultural revolution, and members of the stars, they actually ring these groups have a certain age gap, the cultural revolution is not the main growth experience, and at the end of 70s beginning of the cultural environment and a large number of Western reading is the real catalyst. But at this moment, 85 "two people share a same historical position, the legitimate narration and cultural revolution and socialist realism aesthetics break in their anxiety, background and experience will be so together, become a symbol of survival in the wild. I’m not in denial of artists and historical narrative work, but I wonder if I could see it from a more realistic and simple view of 85 ". I find the fault and repair operation has become easily, which makes art practice become lack of perspective and depth, even in training an incompetent, can not find the problem, find clues, and often the art problem is simplified to a product form change and social transformation under the context. How did you get involved in the "85" job? What do you think of the history? In your experience and thinking, what are the 85 spiritual clues that can be offered to the present? They can be pulled out, there is no kind of methodology can provide enough support? LV Peng: Generally speaking, if we do not know the specific facts and concepts related to the history of the easy masking problem. "85 new wave" and the associated words such as "85 art movement" or for the period called "pop art", "avant-garde" and so on, is not the art phenomenon in this period when people talk about the measures already. However, for the history of the general reader, the concept (special nouns) is very important, otherwise he can not find the coordinates of the talk. Today, if we want to understand the real situation of that period of history, we need to collect facts – in the text, in kind and pictures or other facts left over by the facts. This is the work that needs to be done at the present time, or it may be a joke to discuss the "85 wave". In fact, I did not participate in the "85", I was a spectator, then Chengdu has a "red yellow blue" group, their exhibition I went to see, the impression that some of the modernist things.相关的主题文章:

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