"2 man" video Tencent will broadcast Yang Mi when the air force became Curve Wrecker [Abstract] "real man 2" network video copyright Tencent located in the video, this is the implementation of "Hunan TV mango TV broadcast alone" strategy since 2014, the first time to break the copyright for the first time imprisonment, cooperation with external platform. "Real man" video broadcast of 2 Tencent Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Xiaofeng Yang Mi Wan commissioning editor skin) when the air force makeup appearance, Sun Yang staged a thrilling high-altitude pull-up, yellow face pack Zitao strength interpretation of military fan, Liyan Tong, Shen Mengchen, Jiang Jinfu, Li Rui and other stars have in-depth front-line forces, experience the real life in the army. "Real man" will be launched in late October 2. In addition to the Hunan satellite TV and mango TV can see this program, the network video copyright Tencent video. It is worth emphasizing that this is the implementation of the Hunan satellite TV in 2014 mango TV independent broadcast strategy, the first time to break the copyright infringement, the first cooperation with the external platform. This also means that a bigger signal, that is: Hunan satellite TV in the future may be more open network copyright, want to see Hunan TV’s popular program, no longer can only be seen on Mango TV. "Real man 2" this year invited Yang Mi, Sun Yang, Liyan Tong, Huang Zitao and other popular idol franchise, Hunan TV in the fourth quarter of the game, is still recording, is about to launch in late October. After more than two years of trying, Hunan satellite TV this time to open the copyright, but also to see the Hunan satellite TV to seek open, seek change determination. According to informed sources told the "real man" in 2, Hunan satellite TV has a focus of the program might be interested in the opening of copyright in each quarter, is no longer the only mango TV broadcast alone, "in the future may gradually open up the market, but also need more time, Hunan satellite TV is also the side side open mind." "Real man" exam exposure Sun Yang bottom power power power first edition statement: This article is the Tencent entertainment exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章:

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