Married women abducted 2 children to take the high-speed rail to be caught by the police – Beijing, Nanfang Daily News (reporter Hong Yiyi correspondent Zhang Zhongling Jiang Changjiang) Shanwei a woman married to Fujian, because his family is poor, but the move Wainian, to make a fortune through the trafficking of children. Recently, the woman wants to sell 2 children to Fujian, Lufeng railway station was found in high speed railway police arrested a positive. October 20th morning 8 am, Huizhou railway station police department Shanwei police station in Lufeng high speed rail station pit mouth, found a woman with 2 children holding a train ticket to Fujian to Zhangpu, the strange thing is, but also did not take a piece of luggage. The police instantly doubts, then the identity certificate inspection. The woman Jeong, 45 years old, Shanwei people, now living in Zhangpu County of Fujian Province, is a wanted by the police suspected of trafficking in women and children’s case the female prisoner, to 2 children accompanied by selling to Fujian Zhangpu. After investigation, Jeong married at the age of 34 to Fujian Zhangpu, because her husband is weak and sick, unable to carry the burden of the family home, the main source of income by Jeong out doing odd jobs difficult to maintain. Jeong to earn windfall to improve family, they played a wainian. Lenovo to Fujian home village some families had no children, also want to buy a child to a continuation of incense, Zheng playing on the sale of children’s dirty. In September 2013, a couple in Fujian, Huang Lin was married for many years, there is still no family, worried anyone ask around on the sale of baby things. Just to Jeong ears, she actively contact Huang couple, said they were willing to act as an intermediary. Jeong after making inquiries, learned Lufeng City Zhengxing people gave birth to 6 children, and pregnant with just one, due to economic constraints to feed their children, to choose abortion to terminate pregnancy. Zheng Zheng Zheng couple gave birth to a child, she bought 40 thousand yuan to the price of the baby, and then sold to Fujian Huang couple of $60 thousand, profit from $20 thousand. After Jeong tasted the sweetness, who need more keen to inquire about the children, who want to sell the child’s message. This one is not so lucky, will not seek for their own money to pay back.相关的主题文章:

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