Microsoft released Windows 10 major update and the head of the VR, want to let everyone reach 3D – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark Microsoft conference held in the evening of October 26, 2016 Windows 10 Event, Microsoft released the first series and 3D and virtual reality are new products off. From 2D to 3D, Windows 10 self evolution is the first Windows will usher in a major update in early – Windows 10 Creators Update. This update includes: the first update is of great significance. This means that Microsoft in guiding all users to the 3D operation interface transition. To this end, Microsoft also released the 3D version of the painting application – Paint 3D. With the help of Panit 3D, the user can be a part of the 2D image into a 3D object, or 2D graffiti into 3D image. The contents of the creation of the Paint 3D can also be exported to the HoloLens view. In addition, inside the PPT, the user can also insert the 3D model. Microsoft has finally released the first VR Microsoft released a Windows 10 system with a VR head. The head is equipped with a inside-out tracking sensor, with 6 degrees of freedom. As can be seen from the picture, Microsoft VR head attached to a line, is not a complete machine. Microsoft VR head price of $299, compared to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has been very cheap. Partners have HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, all in the field of VR has little action but investment. So far, Microsoft’s mixed reality layout gradually clear. At the end of the content creation, guide user habits and create 3D content. In the content presentation side, open the Holographic holographic platform, and the $299 head and HoloLens as a reference design. This article by 90 Hz original reproduced contact xiangyunqi@geekpark read more相关的主题文章:

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