MIIT: Methanol-fueled car will deepen the pilot the establishment of standard system recently, jointly organized by the Chinese internal combustion engine industry association and the association of the automotive industry China Methanol-fueled car development forum and Methanol-fueled car parts exhibition held in Jiangsu city in Kunshan province. The Ministry of industry and information technology energy saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department inspector Li Li stressed in his speech, the green industry development is the inevitable requirement of ecological civilization construction, promote the development of Methanol-fueled car for vehicle fuel diversification, reduce vehicle emissions, which has important significance to guarantee energy security, this will further deepen the Methanol-fueled car pilot, establish and improve relevant standards system, strengthen policy guidance, actively explore the development mode of Methanol-fueled car. Methanol is commonly known as "alcohol" or "alcohol", instead of fuel oil with methanol has been used for many years in foreign countries, Methanol-fueled car control system technology has been very mature, with ethanol, methanol of low calorific value, but also high octane, oxygen, methanol combustion also requires the use of special engine. However, unlike ethanol, methanol is toxic in itself, has a corrosive effect on non-ferrous metals, and has swelling effect on rubber parts. This specially designed vehicle for the combustion of methanol fuel is called a methanol vehicle.相关的主题文章:

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