Most of the time when the mother, have been so close to depression – Sohu maternal and child text: sugar mother play together (sugar mother original) 1 Qiao Renliang away, because depression. See the news last night couldn’t believe it, however, is the fact that. Many years ago, read one of his film "happy 59 cm", and the movie "nightclubs". A bit unruly boy, bones revealed a unique temperament. The two word of depression is not unfamiliar to people. But people who are still in the popularization of psychological knowledge, the understanding of depression is usually one-sided, in short, that is fragile, or that is a mental illness. Due to the depression and the choice to give up the life of the people, people often stand in the so-called moral high ground, saying they "not strong" crusade "is not considered" parents "do not know how to control their emotions, do not understand that depression is not simple, emotional problems, and depression patients experienced pain, ordinary people can not understand. For do not know something, or shut up, or read. 2 in fact, most of the mother, have been so close to touch depression, especially in the postpartum. According to incomplete statistics, the incidence of postpartum depression in 15%~30%, even if there is no serious to be divided into the extent of the disease, the majority of novice mothers have experienced a period of depressed mood. Hormone levels change, change, change the living conditions of the family status…… And to perfect the care of the children, but in the face of the ensuing be taken by surprise jaundice, hemangioma, eczema, milk, milk, wake up in the night…… A feather, a perfect mother’s dream is broken, we are injured. What’s more, it’s the performance of his dad. Clumsy-handed can also forgive the most irritating is not only some help, in the side of the critical critical that children have a little headache and slight fever I blame you did not take good care of his mother, as his grandmother accused you of all his friends. If you say tired, he accused you as other people do; if you say children hard, every woman has to say, you’re the most hypocritical…… The mouth with bright honey Prince disappeared, replaced by a cruel bad guy". When you are depressed mood, irritability, become sensitive to the siege, often crying, they say you are fragile, sentimental, often with a couple won’t listen to reason, poor communication. How many mothers, have experienced this section. Even now clear, the dad who are also more and more amiable, but I All is lost. still visible before the eyes. 3 whether it is the usual sense of depression, or postpartum depression, are not simply emotional problems, but a comprehensive performance of a huge system, involving the psychological and physiological. Before the holiday or when you will feel more difficult to control than usual irritability? A slight fluctuation in hormone levels can lead to a change in mood, not to mention the mood swings caused by postpartum hormone withdrawal. To remove other reasons we don’t understand, take a look at Bowbly in 2000. He believes that lack of society相关的主题文章:

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