Many departments jointly issued: 2020 pharmacy prescription antibacterial drugs sold – Beijing, JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ma Jinfeng) yesterday, the reporter learned from the National Health Planning Commission, recently, the 14 departments of Health Planning Commission, NDRC jointly issued the "curb bacterial resistance national action plan (2016-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). "Plan" proposed that by 2020 the proportion of retail pharmacies with prescription sales of antimicrobial drugs to achieve full coverage. After 5 years without a doctor’s prescription patients will not be able to buy antibiotics in pharmacies. "Plan" clearly, to 2020, the realization of new drug research and development, with prescription drugs, monitoring and evaluation, clinical application, veterinary drug use and training of a total of 6 specific indicators. Strive for R & D listed new antibiotics 1-2, new diagnostic equipment and reagents 5-10. Improve the medical institutions, animal antibiotic use and bacterial resistance monitoring network; construction of bacterial resistance and strain reference laboratory center; establish the application of antibacterial drugs and drug resistance of bacteria control evaluation system of medical treatment, aquaculture field. National two or more hospitals basically establish the clinical application of antimicrobial drugs management mechanism; the main growth rate of drug-resistant bacteria in medical institutions have been effectively controlled. In addition, the use of antibacterial drugs or drug resistance to cross resistance as an animal to promote the growth of the application of the gradual withdrawal of the main source of animal growth rate of effective control. > > interpretation of the unreasonable use of antibiotic induced bacterial resistance problem of antimicrobial agents generally refers to drugs with bactericidal or bacteriostatic activities, including antibiotics, sulfonamides, imidazole, nitromidazoles, quinolones and other synthetic drugs. By bacteria, actinomyces, fungi and other microbial products by some training and get, or use the same or similar chemical semi synthetic material manufacturing method, but also the total chemical synthesis. National Health Planning Commission, responsible person, China is the production and use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are widely used in medical and health, agricultural farming areas, in the treatment of infectious diseases to save the lives of patients, improve the efficiency of breeding and animal epidemic disease prevention and control to protect public health and safety, played an important role. However, due to the lack of research and development of new antimicrobial agents, pharmacies and other non prescription sales of antibiotics and other factors, the problem of bacterial resistance has become increasingly prominent. Bacterial resistance ultimately affect human health, but the cause factors of bacterial resistance and its consequences is beyond the health sector, has brought the biological security threats increase, worsening environmental pollution, restricting the economic development of the adverse effects to the human society, the urgent need to strengthen multi sectoral collaborative planning, jointly cope with.相关的主题文章:

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