Myolie Wu suspect because Poser was kicked out of the stage play the protagonist into Tavia Yeung Myolie Wu Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Myolie Wu for 5 days in Shanghai to perform Raymond 20th anniversary classic drama "I have a date with spring", "Yao kocho" as the female lead in a corner of the stage, the night ended, with a reputation, apricot five performances can 2 million. But yesterday, the organizers held a press conference in Shanghai, announced it will be repeated in January and March tour. At the same time, announced that the female Lord changed the corner by Tavia Yeung top. Accompany husband Hong Kong made this change angle is not a short duration of time that earlier reports that the original drama "spring" dress rehearsal in Shanghai for a month, but the request to stay in Hong Kong for rehearsal Myolie Wu, she will accompany her husband, has made people to host the final because she is the heroine of christ. But this time, in order to meet its personal requirements, the organizer made a lot of manpower mobilization and arrangement, which is believed to be the fuse of changing corners. In addition, Myolie Wu said in front of the staff Poser, when he is after the troops refused to use the host for makeup and hair, put on his queen’s make-up and hair stylist, the crew and demanding that the host be pestered beyond endurance. Although Myolie Wu mouth Maiguai, outside that hope can continue to tour, the host to give up Myolie Wu, for another wife Tavia Yeung.

胡杏儿疑因耍大牌被踢出舞台剧 主角换成杨怡胡杏儿腾讯娱乐讯 据香港媒体报道,胡杏儿一连5日在上海演出杜国威20周年经典舞台剧《我和春天有个约会》,担任女主角“姚小蝶”一角,舞台剧前晚圆满结束,口碑载誉,杏儿演出五场稳赚2百万。但昨日主办单位在上海召开记者会,公布此剧将于明年一月重演和三月巡演。与此同时,宣布女主换角由杨怡顶上。陪夫留港造人今次换角并非一朝一夕的事,早前有报道指原定舞台剧《春天》在上海彩排一个月,不过胡杏儿提出要求留港彩排,好让她多多陪伴老公,方便造人,主办最后因为她是女主角作出迁就。但这次为了满足其个人要求,主办作出很多人手调动和安排,相信是换角的导火线。除此之外,有说胡杏儿在工作人员面前耍大牌,当自己是天后级人马,拒绝用主办安排的化妆和发型,换上自己御用化妆师和发型师,对剧组人员又要求多多,令主办不胜其烦。虽然胡杏儿嘴上卖乖,对外表明希望可以继续巡回演出,结果主办放弃胡杏儿,换上另一位人妻杨怡。相关的主题文章:

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