The National Day holiday in Lianyungang in the hospital emergency trauma patients list — Jiangsu windows — original title: Lianyungang hospital emergency department said that the National Day holiday "busy" National Day holiday, speed is very busy, very busy area, there is also a place that is very busy, the hospital emergency department. Yesterday, reporters from several hospitals in our city learned that from October 1st to 7, the amount of hospital emergency admissions increased significantly than usual, "said doctors and nurses are very busy holidays", in addition to the list of trauma patients in emergency patients, respiratory tract, digestive, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are also many. In the emergency trauma patients list a reporter from the city hospital, city hospital emergency department learned that this year National Day during hospital admissions is the most traumatic patient, a list of emergency. It is reported that, in addition to the traffic accident caused by trauma, the rest is falls, machinery injury etc.. City hospital statistics show, October 1st – 7 days, every day in the hospital outpatient were about 2000 people, of which 6 day volume of 3200 outpatient visits, emergency patients were full, the daily average of nearly 400 people, including more trauma patients. City hospital emergency department director Chen Xuefeng said that in October 5th, a car collision of 11 tourists were injured, and 3 workers working at height fall caused by trauma, have been taken to hospital for emergency rescue. City director of second hospital emergency department Zhou Xinhua said, now in the choice of holiday travel, especially the people who travel by car is also more and more, a large number of vehicles gathered in hot sections, extremely easy to cause the accident, the long National Day holiday every day admissions to injured in a car accident, so people must take the safety car in the first place. The National Day coincided with the harvest of corn of the busy season, will happen accidentally corn harvest machinery injury finger every tragedy. This year is no exception, during the National Day holiday, admitted to the hospital nearly 20 cases of the patients with different degrees of rotation avulsion, finger amputation, and on October 5th, the emergency surgery doctor Zhu Haiquan examined 5 cases of such patient. A small number of patients with cold cough yesterday morning, the reporter in the city children’s Hospital, the City Maternal and child health care hospital to see a lot of children to the hospital. Data show that in October 1st 7, the city children’s hospital emergency department total over 4000 people, maternal and child health hospital, pediatric emergency department patients total over 2000 people, including bronchitis, respiratory tract infection, febrile children occupy the majority. "National day these days, every day is very busy, come to see a doctor of the child cold, fever, cough very much." Maternal and child health hospital pediatrician Li Yan said, during the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival, people’s outdoor activities more easily, adults with their children to place people, some resistance is weak, poor physical quality of children and vulnerable to cold, autumn, day and night temperature difference is bigger, the children can easily catch cold. According to previous years experience, a few days after the end of the National Day holiday, there will be a pediatric peak treatment. Parents should make children food hygiene, weatherization work, child cold have a fever, to make it more rest, drinking plenty of water. Children’s resistance is relatively weak, parents try not to take their children to crowded places." Li Yan said. (Zhao Fang)相关的主题文章:

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