New horizons Pluto detection data all returned: total over 50G Pluto backlight image. Shooting the new horizons Pluto can leave, Pluto in the atmosphere haze layer Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on November 1st message was seen after NASA’s new horizons probe first flew Pluto in 2015, finally recently all the data obtained during the trip back to earth. This spectacular image shown here is the new horizons Pluto and Charon shooting a series of images in which one can see the light shade the sun Pluto, Pluto’s atmosphere as seen from the direction of light. The last batch of data, including the image, was downloaded to the mission control center in Maryland last week. As the spacecraft from the earth more than 3 billion miles (about 4 billion 800 million km), the transfer efficiency between the spacecraft and the ground is very low, the image of this image will take more than 5 hours to download. Stern, chief scientist of the new horizons exploration project, · (Alan) on Thursday wrote excitedly on his twitter account on: "we did it."! All the data for Pluto exploration is complete!" While the task manager Alice · Bauman (Alice Bowman) added: "we tap into the gold deposit belongs to us." The New Horizons spacecraft flew close to Pluto in July 14, 2015. At present it is to fly to a smaller volume of quality, and the more distant Kuiper Belt objects on the way, is expected to arrive near a small celestial body to carry out inspection on 2019. Due to the earth return data to the New Horizons spacecraft antenna alignment of the earth and make other arrangements for a series of observations which will take up valuable time new horizons — to know new horizons in the space flight for 9 years, from the moment the high-speed passing near Pluto between! There is no doubt that we must make the most efficient use of this fleeting, extremely valuable observation time window. The mission planning group decided to make the New Horizons spacecraft flying in the process of the Pluto system first of all the detection data of all their preserved until basically completed the Pluto flyby probe, before flying to a future observation celestial exploration data of Pluto road test in the process of gradually returned in batches. Before that, only the priority is set to the highest data group before and after the flyby of Pluto within a few days of the first back to earth, so that people on the earth to the distant mysterious celestial see. Until 2015 September, new horizons began a large-scale data return work formally. After NASA’s new horizons probe first flew Pluto in 2015, finally recently all the data of the study made in the process of back to earth in Maryland, John · Hopki University of Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) mission in the heart, scientists in the past 15 months altogether from the new horizons ship detection data over 50G download. Last Thursday, the last set of data was downloaded, the United States相关的主题文章:

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