The civil service exam and discipline regulations: Applicants collusion never hired recently, the Central Organization Department, human resources and social security department and the national civil service bureau jointly issued by the "civil service recruitment examination discipline violations approach" provisions, the candidates if there is complicity or participation in organized cheating and other serious violations of discipline, will never allow enter the civil service. This method has been implemented since October 1, 2016, and the "procedures for dealing with violation of rules and regulations for civil servants’ employment examination (Trial)" issued in 2009 is abolished at the same time. On the basis of summing up the experience of handling the violation of discipline and regulations in civil servant recruitment examination, we made detailed rules and regulations for applicants in terms of registration, examination, inspection and physical examination. The law stipulates that applicants who have serious violation of discipline and behavior and especially serious violation of discipline shall cancel their qualification and do not employ it, and record it in the integrity archives of civil service examination, recording 5 years or long-term records. The punishment for cheating in examinations has been increased. According to the relevant provisions of the criminal law amendment (nine) about the crime of cheating in examinations, the law-abiding and disciplinary requirements for applicants and employees have been further clarified. Applicants will never be allowed to enter the civil service if they have colluded cheating or participate in organized cheating. If the employees are hired to organize, plan to organize cheating, or play the main role in organized cheating, they should be dismissal. If a crime is constituted, the criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law. In order to effectively crack down on cheating by borrowing high-tech means, we sum up the practice experience in recent years, add the same handling clause of the answer sheet, and clarify the handling procedure of identical answers. In the process of marking, it was found that the contents of the same subjects were identical among the applicants. After examination, the examination institutions designated by specific examination organizations failed to handle the examination results. In addition, to also improve the disciplinary violations work program, clear the disposal site, before making a decision, inform the decision making and delivery, to the relief of a series of decision procedures, providing institutional guarantee for the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of students improve disciplinary violations work standardization level.

公务员考试违纪新规:报考者串通作弊永不录用   近日,中央组织部、人力资源社会保障部和国家公务员局联合发文公布《公务员考试录用违纪违规行为处理办法》,规定报考者如果有串通作弊或者参与有组织作弊等特别严重的违纪违规行为,将永远不允许进入公务员队伍。   该办法自2016年10月1日起施行,2009年颁布的《公务员录用考试违纪违规行为处理办法(试行)》同时废止。   办法在总结公务员录用考试违纪违规行为处理实践经验的基础上,对报考者在报名、考试、考察、体检等环节中的违纪违规情形及处理进行了细化,作了明确规定。   办法规定,对有严重违纪违规行为和特别严重违纪违规行为的报考者取消当次报考资格、不予录用,并记入公务员考试录用诚信档案库,视情形记录5年或者长期记录。   办法加大了对考试作弊行为的惩处力度,根据刑法修正案(九)关于组织考试作弊罪的有关规定,进一步明确了对报考者和录用工作人员的守法和纪律要求。报考者如果有串通作弊或者参与有组织作弊等特别严重的违纪违规行为,将永远不允许进入公务员队伍。录用工作人员组织、策划有组织作弊或者在有组织作弊中起主要作用的,给予开除处分。构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。   为有力打击借用高科技手段的作弊行为,办法总结近年来的实践经验,增加了雷同答卷的处理条款,明确了雷同答卷的处理程序。在阅卷过程中发现报考者之间同一科目作答内容雷同,并经阅卷专家组确认的,由具体组织实施考试的考试机构给予其该科目(场次)考试成绩无效的处理。   此外,办法还完善了违纪违规行为处理工作程序,明确了现场处置、作出决定前告知、决定书制作及送达、对处理决定不服的救济等一系列程序,为维护考生合法权益、提高违纪违规行为处理工作的规范化水平提供了制度保障。相关的主题文章:

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