Nigeria has decided to buy JF-17s and Pakistan iron – Sohu signed a memorandum of Military Channel text with map: Nigeria and Pakistan signed a purchase JF-17 fierce dragon fighter memo. According to the "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on September 18th, in South Africa during the show, a Pakistan defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO) staff told Jane’s that Nigeria and Pakistan signed the purchase of JF-17 fierce dragon fighter memorandum, and signed a formal agreement in November Pakistan IDEAX defense exhibition. Reported that Pakistan officials refused to disclose JF-17 and whether the specific number of Nigeria is the first JF-17 export customers, because before the media reported that Burma to Chinese ordered an unknown number of JF-17 FC-1. According to Nigeria this year’s defense budget, the government will allocate $25 million to buy the first batch of 3 fierce dragon fighter. Public data shows, in 2005, Nigeria spent $250 million to buy 12 fighters -7 and 3 fighters -7 battle trainer, this is the first export of the country’s Chinese fighter. At $250 million, $220 million for military procurement, the remaining $32 million is required for the purchase of airborne weapons and equipment, including 20 Charlie -9C air-to-air missiles, 10 thunderbolt -9 training missiles, unguided rockets and 250500 kilograms of conventional bombs. Nigeria pilots began training in China from 2008, and J -7 delivery of the aircraft began in 2009. In addition to the fighter, Nigeria also bought a Chinese uav. In August 2015, Nigeria media reported that China CH-3 UAV has been delivered to the Nigeria air force, and participated in combat operations against Boko haram.相关的主题文章:

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