Ningbo 1 guy to return 500 yuan loan robbery several hours after being arrested the hotel said that the strength of men, if the face is too heavy for a few hundred yuan loan will embark on the road of crime, that is The loss outweighs the gain. Recently, a young man from Jiangsu for 500 yuan of loans, robbery and jingfangxingju to rush into danger. The early morning of November 15th, the streets of Huangqiao road Ningbo River in Yuyao City, a hotel waiter Xiaohong (a pseudonym) is the service station on duty. At this time, a 20 year old young man walked into the hotel and, oddly, his right hand man has been hiding in the pocket of the coat. Timidly asked the price of the room, the man hesitated, casually replied "too expensive", and then out of the hotel door. No red pick up the mobile phone to brush WeChat, just out of the man back to the hotel. Unlike earlier timidity, at the moment his eyes straight, brow locked, mouth closed. No red opening, man would rush to her, has been hidden in the coat pocket right instantly pulled out a fruit knife a shining. "Come on, give me all your money!" Heard the man cry, red was suddenly scared senseless. In addition to the 300 yuan in cash to "hand" in the drawer, even your mobile phone also offer "". The man took the money and ran swiftly. Then, Alice will be reported to the police. Lanjiang police station received the alarm, immediately rushed to the scene. According to the description of the red, police retrieved the first video and hotel near the road. By viewing the video, found the man of medium height, younger, wearing a grey shirt and dark trousers, after the incident, from east to west along the road to escape. As the video track, the police eventually locked the foothold in a man, Yangming streets Fu Xiang Village North area. On the morning of 7 pm, the police arrested the man within its rental. After the interrogation, the man confessed his knife to the facts of the crime of robbery. Jiangsu man surnamed Wang, 25 years old this year. He grew up with their parents living in Yuyao for more than 10 years, the rich is not home, but a stable life, Wang is also in Yuyao to find a job. Wang always felt so bad, holding a meager wage issued to make money, did not amount to much. And usually spend more, the "moonlight clan", occasionally asking a friend to borrow money for emergency. Because self-esteem is relatively strong, since Wang, unwilling to open money parents. The incident that day, Wang’s friends 500 yuan to beg for arrears. Due to the cash strapped, Wang decided to rely on their own to solve the problem. However, he thinks it is a robbery. Then, after the supermarket to buy a fruit knife, he has been wandering in the street. At night, Wang finally decided to go to the hotel robbery. According to Wang confessed that he is the first choice for a hotel, found that two female attendants, fear not to an enemy two, so give up. Then, he walked into another hotel, that is a male waiter, so give up again. The third time, he went to the red hotel, pretend to ask the price, after only one proven red, back robbery. At present, make.

宁波1小伙为还500元借款抢劫宾馆前台 几小时后被抓   都说男儿当自强,如果把面子看得太重,为区区几百元借款就走上犯罪道路,那才是得不偿失。近日,一名江苏籍年轻男子就因500元的借款,不惜铤而走险实施抢劫而被刑拘。   11月15日凌晨,宁波余姚市兰江街道大黄桥路上,一名宾馆服务员小红(化名)正在服务台值班。这时,一个20来岁的年轻男子左顾右盼走进了宾馆,让人奇怪的是,男子右手一直藏在上衣口袋中。怯怯地询问过房间价格后,男子犹豫了一阵,随口回了一句“太贵了”,然后走出了宾馆大门。   还没等小红拿起手机继续刷微信,刚刚走出的男子又转回宾馆。与刚才的胆怯不同,此刻的他两眼直溜溜的,眉尖紧锁,嘴巴也紧闭着。还没等小红开口,男子便快步冲到她面前,一直藏在上衣口袋的右手瞬间就掏出了一把明晃晃的水果刀。   “快,把钱都给我!”听到男子的喊声,小红顿时被吓懵了。除了乖乖地“上交”抽屉里的300元现金之外,连自己的手机也一并“奉上”。拿了钱物的男子一溜烟逃了。随即,小红便报了警。   兰江派出所民警接到报警后,马上赶到案发现场。根据小红的描述,民警首先调取了宾馆和附近道路的监控视频。通过查看视频,发现该男子身材中等,年纪较轻,身穿灰色上衣和深色裤子,案发后,由东往西沿路逃窜。随着视频的追踪,警方最终锁定了该男子,落脚点位于阳明街道富巷新村北一区。当天上午7时许,民警在其租房内将男子抓获。   经审讯,男子如实交代了自己持刀抢劫的犯罪事实。男子姓王,江苏人,今年25岁。他从小跟着父母在余姚生活十多年,家里不算富裕,但生活稳定,王某也在余姚找了份工作。   王某总觉得自己混得太差,拿着一份微薄工资既发不了财,也没多大出息。加上平时花钱较多,成了“月光族”,偶尔还会问朋友借点小钱应急。因为自尊心比较强,王某工作以来,不愿意向父母开口拿钱。   案发当天,王某的朋友向他讨要500元欠款。因囊中羞涩,王某决定靠自己解决难题。不过,他想到的却是抢劫。于是,在超市购买了水果刀之后,他就一直在马路上闲逛。夜深人静时,王某最终决定去抢劫宾馆。   据王某交待,他先是选择了一家酒店,发现有两名女性服务员,担心自己不能以一敌二,因此放弃了。随后,他又走进另一家宾馆,发现是名男性服务员,于是再次放弃。第三次,他走到小红所在的宾馆,先假装问价,探明只有小红一人之后,杀了回马枪实施抢劫。   目前,犯罪嫌疑人王某已经被警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审理之中。相关的主题文章:

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