Nonprofessional code to tell you: how to negotiate compensation can make double BI Chinese station Haseeb Qureshi reported in September 3rd was a Airbnb engineer. In April this year, he published a blog post about how he is in just a few weeks through negotiations will be starting from the original $120 thousand to $250 thousand, which attracted a lot of attention. Since then, he has been sharing tips on pay negotiations from time to time. Yesterday, he published a long article in the blog, detailing how to negotiate salary after work get invitations. The advice comes from his personal experience. After he decided to resign as director of the App Academy product, to accept the new challenge, he applied for 20 jobs, but all applications were rejected. Then he was rejected by a friend’s company. All efforts were in vain. In fact, for this work, he is a nonprofessional — he was only a year programming. He has a very interesting background — he is a professional poker player with an English degree. Although repeatedly rejected, but Qureshi not discouraged. He learned how to sell his way forward, and finally got 8 jobs, including Google (micro-blog), excellent step and the United States well-known merchant review site Yelp. But the problem is coming. All of these jobs provide only the junior engineer’s salary, treatment and even less than his previous work, not enough to let him live in the high price of Silicon Valley. So he began a process of trial and error compensation negotiation. He published a blog yesterday, how not to mess up pay negotiations (How not to your offer negotiation) is worth reading. If you are busy, or do not understand English, we sort out the main points for you. First of all, it is worth noting that the key point is to understand this article, Silicon Valley companies usually employ professional recruiters, they are experts in the negotiations. Search every move to a person, you can earn 30 thousand dollars, so they will make you accept the invitation to exhaust all the skills to work. The first suggestion of Qureshi is that the negotiation process is carried out in a friendly atmosphere. "Don’t bargain for a second hand car," he wrote. "You have to think of it as having a meal with a group of friends, so you can do it better." All you need to know is the details of the package. A good salary is only a part of it. You have to consider your appreciation of space, and you pay attention to what, this includes signing bonus, year-end awards, performance shares, or relocation expenses, equipment, education allowances and what is the company commitment to staff training. If you want to work in a start-up or Private Companies, take a serious look at equity and stock awards. This is where many employees are easily confused. Don’t listen to what they say the stock one day worth millions of lies, and accept a lower salary. You can see Anderson · Horowitz Scott Cooper fund partner · (Scott Kupo)相关的主题文章:

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