Nora case retrial, knife in argument the bankruptcy of Xu Mingxuan commentary authors in September 9th, the famous "Nora case re trial, from the time the trial has been 8 months, but if from 2014 Nora case outbreak date, has been in the past two years. I believe such a long time, to the IT sector, law and public opinion, including Wang Xin and Nora case party a long enough "cool", help you calm look back has become the past Nora IT. In this trial, Nora and Nora 3 executives Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wen Ju on Nora dissemination of pornographic materials case "pleaded guilty repentance. Nora CEO Wang Xin, said: I hope to become a case of self regulatory industry quickly warning." The attitude of Wang Xin, and the first time the court has changed a lot. At that time, Wang Xin is so self defense: Nora itself does not provide broadcast resources, resources are Nora users downloaded from other sites, so Nora was innocent. This is the network that the "knife theory", with a knife to kill innocent or guilty, knife, called "theory of innocence". In fact, the "knife in theory" is not new, the United States Supreme Law a judge does not understand IT technology, said in the trial network copyright infringement case, of course: ordinary knife is "neutral", but if the production of knives manufacturers deliberately designed a convenient pry lock knife, and in advertising it has a prominent function to attract customers, the knife is not "neutral". Similarly, we look at the fast broadcast mode of operation is what kind of? Our company does not provide pirated videos and pornographic videos, in fact, as early as 2013, the website rarely dare to in a flagrant way infringing works directly, but evolved into a form of complex, the legal nature of the fuzzy search point, deep link, streaming media and so on. Nora company has also stressed that they are doing technology, not to do content". Its working principle is that the user by Nora player on demand video works, the first link to more than and 20 search sites, continue to click the jump to hundreds of video sites, and through these sites to download and watch movies. Nora does not need to store the company involved in the work, and even all the responsibility can be pushed to the piracy site, which is the abuse of safe haven principle. In fact, Nora is not only technology, on the contrary, pointing to the nature of the site of a lot of piracy, Nora himself is very clear, and even some of the companies are nora. This is actually a "hand" process, the left hand provide pornographic video resources, right hand toward these resources to name technology, called "technology", this is actually a self deception. In the field of intellectual property law, as opposed to the "safe harbor principle" also made clear the "red flag" rules ", if the site knows or should know that link to audio and video products of infringement, shall bear joint tort liability, and the supreme law" on the trial against the right to network dissemination of information civil dispute case law applicable to the provisions of a number of issues "in the provisions of the network service provider to provide network services, on the hit film and television works to set list, directory mode]相关的主题文章:

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