Not a VR helmet, Microsoft will win this battle VR the VR dimensional sun real in the last week of the 2016 Intel developer conference, Intel CEO division and then the odd public display and Windows Holographic platform developed by Microsoft. Holographic platform will become a major part of the Win 10 update in 2017, allowing the mainstream PC equipped with Win VR helmet and run 2D and 3D applications. In addition, the upcoming Intel VR equipment Project Alloy will also support the Holographic system, the wireless integrated equipment with the user can use the head to interact with the VR environment, without additional help with game handle. Two years ago, Microsoft with Hololens, so that the outside world exclaimed, "this is the future, but this product is positioned as the augmented reality, Microsoft official even claimed to be mixed reality, while Google (micro-blog), Samsung, HTC and other companies are busy in the field of VR, Microsoft has yet to act. Today, Microsoft announced the latest developments in the Holographic platform, it can be said to be the first big move in the field of VR. VR dimensional giant Research Series third concerns Microsoft, together with the next VR helmet is not intended to develop Microsoft, how to win the game under VR chess. (the first stage: Google, second: Facebook) Microsoft to use Holographic and AR dominate VR imagine if HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens helmet helmet collaborative use, what would happen? Microsoft is hoping to use this idea to stimulate the enthusiasm of Windows developers. As early as in June this year, the Taipei computer show, Microsoft announced that it will support the HoloLens Holographic platform open to other companies, to facilitate the development of these partners AR helmet and VR helmet. Microsoft’s enthusiasm for Hololens, Microsoft does not want to create a traditional VR helmet, and it does not know when their AR helmet can be pushed to the market. From the current VR pattern, while the existing Oculus and HTC Vive is connected to the Windows on the computer, but Microsoft the benefit is very small, because Oculus and HTC used to create VR Vive developer experience Microsoft tools are not produced, the owner did not buy the helmet VR software from Microsoft Windows app store. Facebook (Oculus’s parent company) and Valve (HTC partners) have their own stores and tools, which means that can make money from the VR ecosystem is Facebook and Valve. Based on this situation, Microsoft has produced two kinds of ideas: 1, if all the helmet, whether it is VR or AR, can use the collocation with Windows, so people in different time zones can work together, as if they are in the same room like, whatever they use!相关的主题文章:

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