Not hiding! Ruby Lin for the first time in 6 months pregnant belly (Figure) Ruby Lin sun shine artist Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo married, by fans and friends of blessing, and immediately announced the news of pregnancy, 6 months pregnant with her, 1 days for the first time in the face of the book drying out, he was quite pregnant belly photos, and playful cat wearing masks duzui, sweet smile, attracted a lot of fans praising the most beautiful women! Ruby Lin previously for pregnant thing attitude is very low-key, PO as always with a clever way to cover the pregnant belly, even a baby gender is female, also by girlfriends Hsu Chi first broke the news, however, her 1 rare posting on Facebook, for the first time to take the initiative to drying out 6 months obviously pregnant belly photos, pictures, I saw her wearing a gray long dress, wearing masks and other cats, on the side of the giant white cat Du honeymouthed smile, and side lying exposed pregnant belly was generous. However, Ruby Lin will obviously pregnant belly as deleted, but still attract many users a message, you look pretty good health, wish you happy every day, if you are more lovely than the body, cat and baby to take care of, make yourself happy, don’t care about other people’s eyes, is so lovely, beautiful pregnant Mommy, sparked a heated debate on the network.相关的主题文章:

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