On the most vulnerable points place largely because of these four traps to break the green Mo intersection intersection is forced through to punish people who drive even perennial careful will also appear in violation of traffic regulations, such as accidentally pressed a line break a red light, what, but these are obviously wrong, just a little note that generally can be avoided, but in turning part of some junctions is often not clear is illegal. The key is their own illegal after do not know, second days before the time they will make the same mistake, until after the police received a ticket to see light suddenly! So in the end what is easy to appear in such a situation? How to do to avoid these places in violation of it? 1, when we need to turn from a single lane into a two-way lane, we must pay attention to the yellow dotted line on the ground, otherwise it is easy to enter the reverse lane. Once accidentally entered the reverse Lane will not only cause great security, fine penalty is unavoidable. So whether it is the old driver or novice drivers should remember that the middle of the yellow dotted lines are two-way lane. 2, when traveling to the T-junction if you see a double solid white line, so we should pay attention to, this is the parking lane is traveling to tell drivers if the intersection of main road vehicle parking then you need to let them go. If you turn the vehicles and roads for lane or be straight rear end car then you should take full responsibility. In 3, when driving at some junctions often see that the white diamond pattern, a lot of people do not know what is the meaning of it, it is called the crosswalk warning mark told traveling to the drivers here, in front of thirty meters to within fifty meters is a pedestrian crossing, need to slow down otherwise it is illegal. 4, we sometimes on both sides of the double lane will often see such as logo above the picture, while the solid line, while the dashed line, in the solid line is the other side of the vehicle is not permitted to turn left or the road, and on the other side of the line as long as it is not to hinder other vehicles could be turn left can also cross the line to overtake.相关的主题文章:

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