Ordos winter show   Zhang Ziyi postpartum debut black dress stunning debut   Liu Wen Song Jia Tong Dawei Jin Da Chuan gathered – Fashion – people.com.cn September 1st, Erdos brand jointly issued in Beijing opened 751 D-Park. The activities in the "new cashmere Yao" as the theme, announced on has a history of thirty years, loved by the people China leading brand "Ordos cashmere ERDOS" strategic upgrades, the remodeling for two new brands — classical tradition and quality of "Erdos 1980" and "the new definition of cashmere fashion ERDOS". The evening star, Liu Wen, Zhang Ziyi, Tong Dawei brand spokesperson, Song Jia, and Jin Dachuan, Zhao Lei and other international supermodel all appeared to help out. The red carpet star studded Zhang Ziyi first postpartum attended the fashion event, with a special custom brand cashmere dress dress appearance, simple and elegant, cashmere material will gentle elegant temperament for the beginning of her mother, just perfect by sublimation. Zhang Ziyi and vice president of Erdos Group, 1436 brand founder and chairman of the group photo of Wang Zhen. Liu Wen Liu Wen has been in cooperation with the brand for 8 years, as the "ERDOS" brand spokesperson dressed in dark cashmere dress collocation white shirt and with a stunning debut, handsome, seemingly casual dress full of exquisite shape, but also highlights the unique cousin collocation skill. Liu Wen and Song Jia Jin Dachuan Erdos design director Tong Dawei photo "Cashmere Yao jointly issued new" brand activities are divided into two parts — the "1980 Erdos" brand of ballet art performances and "ERDOS" brand of 2016 autumn and winter fashion show, to perfect interpretation of different style and brand positioning in the two through two different forms. "Ordos 1980" brand of ballet art show in the elegant and soothing melody, "Ordos 1980" ballet art show debut, three groups of ballet dancers dressed in classic cashmere clothing in the ring stage beginning, the performance of combining classical and modern in one, with the projection of the acousto-optic interaction, interpretation of a ballet teacher, the pursuit of the young dancers and young children and the inheritance of three generations of people, showing a time of love and warm picture, infected with the audience. To perform aesthetic art form of the interpretation of the "1980 Ordos" brand inheritance of ingenuity and emotion, tells the story through the time of old brand. "ERDOS" brand 2016 fashion show with the screen off, installation art center stage round clouds slowly appears, the stage quickly turned to "ERDOS" brand fashion show. The new generation of international supermodel Li Jingwen brand, friends Huang Xiaomeng, Liu Lijun and the recent hot male model Wu Wenxiang, Yu Fangqing, Ji Ling dust and many other international supermodel appeared one by one, a "modern cashmere" fashion show kicked off this. "ERDOS" 2016 winter theme "to the earth, causing the heart" capture inspiration from nature, like the morning mist blossoms of pink, pale pinkish purple color and other unsaturated light color and classical earth color throughout the whole stage, new technology for cashmere injected fresh)相关的主题文章:

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