People’s Daily: Chinese foreign exchange reserves is an American Stock Market Center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants increases and decreases to normal "drastic" reaction is not necessary Chinese reserves are safe (focus) reporter Qiu Hai Feng "people’s Daily Overseas Edition" (2016 09 month 10,     version 02) combined with the reserves data recently released, China reserves the first 8 months of this year showed a five drop three liters: 1, 2, 5 movements, 7 and declined in August, 3, June 4, the rebound is on the rise. Period, the highest value of $3 trillion and 230 billion 893 million in January, the lowest value of $3 trillion and 185 billion 167 million in August. In this regard, experts pointed out that, despite nearly two months of foreign exchange reserves declined again, but this is only a normal monthly fluctuations. Overall, this year, China’s foreign exchange reserves to maintain a slight increase and decrease of the fluctuations, and impose a relatively reasonable, safe range. In the future, under the support of China’s economic fundamentals, while taking into account the impact of various factors in the market, China’s foreign exchange reserves will be able to continue to maintain basic stability. A new low in July following the fall of two months of foreign exchange reserves fell slightly to $4 billion 100 million in August, China foreign exchange reserves fell again, and hit a new low since December 2011. According to the people’s Bank of China data, as of the end of August, China foreign exchange reserves of $3 trillion and 185 billion 167 million, compared to July decreased $15 billion 900 million. Fluctuations in foreign exchange reserves, we should first recognize that a few months due to market reasons for a slight decline or rise is a normal phenomenon, the outside world should not have ‘excessive’ reaction. In fact, in August foreign exchange reserves to reduce $15 billion 900 million did not exceed market expectations, the overall is still in the controllable range. In terms of the reasons for its decline, the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate in August and the demand for the normal exchange of investment derived from the ‘going out’ of the enterprises have led to the reduction of foreign exchange reserves." China International Economic Exchange Center, deputy director of the economic research department Zhang Huanbo said in an interview with this reporter. According to CICC, China Merchants Securities Research Center and other institutions, exchange rate changes caused by external storage $about 4000000000 negative valuation effects in August, excluding this factor, the actual decline in July and August for the two months is very close, cross-border capital flows Chinese still toward steady development. Guan Tao, a senior researcher at China’s forty finance forum, argues that seasonal factors are an important reason for the decline in foreign exchange reserves in August. In July and August, the increase in the number of outbound travel books, the purchase demand increases; in addition to the third quarter, some overseas listed banks will pay dividends, will have an impact on foreign exchange reserves. Interval fluctuations have red line despite the last two months of foreign exchange reserves fell again, but overall, compared with 2015, the first 8 months of foreign exchange reserves fell relatively small. Among them, in March, in April and in June foreign exchange reserves also rose, indicating that China’s foreign exchange reserves this year, two-way fluctuations 3相关的主题文章:

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