Perennial medication Majiajun body deficit let players said without the use of drugs will not run Sohu Sports Video – Majiajun doping insider exposure has led Wang Junxia to report Beijing time on February 3rd, writer Zhao Yu have also launched a "Majiajun" survey report literature, the fourteenth chapter named "Majiajun" hit the magic medicine the content has revealed that Ma Junren forced athletes to take illegal drugs inside. The team said that the long time doping caused great damage to their bodies, they even after the "mutiny" left Ma Junren determined not medication, but because the body quality is affected, "will not run without medication". In late March 1995, leaving Majiajun members began to turn to Dalian water sports base, closed a recovery, formal training, and then the plateau was strengthened in May, but down the mountain, went to Taiyuan to complete the national championship. At that time, the team led by Sun Yusen, Li Weimin and Zhang Qi. Sun Yu in the article said: "Lu billion and Wang Yuan began to eat, a mouth water Jinjin sound. The two girls, together with the horses, were the three big men in the Ma family, who said they were the most valuable medium and long distance running material in Asia, and often showed LU Hong and Wang Yuan to experts. They said that next year’s future limitless future, will shine. Now, they have lost not regrettable decide on what path to follow. They must be in front of the upcoming training in drugs before making a choice. The apple finished, the car returned to silence. Suddenly, Lu billion to speak, Wang Yuan also keep questioning, their vocal cords has obvious variation: "Miss Zhao you said that drug use in the future, find out who is responsible? Something else will happen to us? This question asked me, and it was hard for me to tell them the complexity of things. Ordinarily, as leaders, team leaders and coaches and players all have responsibility. From the international and domestic point of view, punished, exposed to live is an athlete. However, Chinese athletes, including coaches, are ordinary national cadres. How can they afford to buy such expensive drugs? They clearly in worrying for their own future, premature end sports life, they can not be reconciled, practice, and is not afraid of drug use is difficult to hit high scores, if continue to use, and even completely ruined himself. Who still stirred the attack doping in their hearts, making them for the next step to go where no choice, caught in a dilemma. I don’t have a good answer so complex, it was on they said: if you do not eat, you who are not responsible. As for the state and society how to treat the athletes who have been found, what is the situation from all countries?. Our country is firmly committed to Anti Doping at present. I heard that this article will soon be written into sports law, and it will be qualitatively different from the past." Lu Yi worried to say: "no medicine really run, a little run tired."." Sun Yu comforted Lu Yi: "hold on for a while and try to see if you can top it up!" She smiled sadly and said: "I think he those scary words, eat medicine, to get a bullet hole in the blood to run!" (Alse)

常年服药让马家军身体亏空 队员称不用药不会跑-搜狐体育 视频-马家军服用兴奋剂内幕曝光 王军霞曾领衔举报   北京时间2月3日,作家赵瑜也曾经推出过一部名为《马家军调查》的报告文学,其中的第14章名叫《药魔重创马家军》的内容揭露了马俊仁强迫运动员服用违规药物的内幕。队员们表示,长时间的服用禁药对她们的身体造成了极大的损害,她们尽管在“兵变”离开马俊仁之后痛下决心不再服药,但由于身体素质被影响,“不用药就跑不动”。   1995年3月下旬,离开马家军的成员们开始转赴大连水上运动基地,封闭一段,恢复正规训练,然后再上高原进行强化,好在五月里下山,奔赴太原完成全国锦标赛。当时这支队伍由孙玉森、李卫民、张琦带队。   孙瑜在文中回忆说:“吕亿和王媛开始吃东西,嘴里发出水津津的声音。这两位姑娘加上马宁宁,是马家军中三位大个子,马导说她们是亚洲最珍贵的中长跑材料,并时常把吕亿和王媛领到专家跟前显示夸耀。说她们明年的前程不可限量,后年的前程大放光芒。而今,她俩却迷惘不知何去何从,令人惋惜。她们必须在即将开始的训练面前,在禁药面前,做出抉择。苹果吃完,车中复归沉寂。突然,吕亿说话了,王媛也跟上问话,她俩的声带已明显变异:‘赵老师你说,今后再用那些个药吧,查出来到底谁负责?出了事,将来还有人管咱吗?’这一问把我给问住了,我很难用语言告诉她们事情的复杂性。按说,是领导、领队、教练、队员四方都有责任。而从国际国内看,受罚的、曝光的往住是运动员。可是,中国运动员包括教练员都是普通国家干部,他们哪有钱买那么贵重的药?她俩分明在为自己的前程忧虑着,过早地结束运动生命,她们不甘心,练下去,又怕不用药难以打出高成绩,倘继续用药, 又怕彻底毁了自己。兴奋剂魔爪还在袭搅着她们的心灵,使她们对于下一步该往哪儿走无法抉择,陷入了困境。我不好回答得那么复杂,便沉沉地对她俩说:只要你们不再吃用,就谁也不用负责了。至于国家和社会如何对待被查出的运动员,从各国看,啥情况都有。咱们国家目前反兴奋剂是很坚决的。听说这一条马上要写入体育法,与过去将有质的区别。”   吕亿忧忧地说:“不用药真的跑不动,稍微一跑就累的不行。”孙瑜安慰吕亿:“再坚持一段试一试,看看能不能顶上去!”她惨然一笑说:“我又想起了马导那些吓人的话,吃上药,枪子把肚子打个血窟窿还要跑!”   (Alse)相关的主题文章:

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