Qinyang sixtieth old three years to save 2000 yuan street to the elderly and living Lei Feng Zhang Junxia. Reporter Guo Changxiu correspondent Deng Xiao Fang Ventura on November 5th, Qinyang volunteers in the focal 100 Life Plaza held a "warm winter" donate clothes, Zhang Junxia as volunteer representatives, busily finishing enthusiastic people brought cotton padded clothes, quilt. At this time, a 66 year old woman had a hand Roasted Chicken, hand pulled out a wad of money from his pocket and gave her a hard fortress. Two people Tuirang each other, causing onlookers. What the hell is going on here? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the daughter of the old lady Xiaoyan, she told reporters, pay back the money is the mother in the heart of three years desire. Helped the old lady go home, but lost her niece’s Iphone, the old lady’s name is Zhang Peie, in 2013, her wife fell ill living in Qinyang people’s Hospital, she was accompanying in the hospital, and Zhang Junxia’s mother living in a ward. After days of getting along, they become familiar with each other. Zhang Peie’s wife was discharged early, because of the distance, travel inconvenience, Zhang Junxia and niece decided to drive them back to the home Baixiang Wang Zhendong village. When she got home, the old lady greeted Zhang Junxia warmly and stopped in the house. 5 minutes later, Zhang Junxia’s niece suddenly remembered that the Apple phone she had just bought was left in the car cover because she was in a hurry to help with the luggage. The girl was busy looking out, but the cell phone was gone. Save two thousand yuan for three years, the old lady street back to Lei Feng Zhang Junxia told reporters, feeling sorry for second days, her niece, niece to buy a new mobile phone. After that, the old lady also took the initiative to find Zhang Junxia, to bring her some local specialties. Three years later, the old lady suddenly put forward the money back, which surprised Zhang Junxia. "Her wife is ill, and her family is not well-off. This money, I certainly will not want." Zhang Junxia said. But the old lady said, "I know it’s not enough, but you don’t have these two thousand dollars, and I feel bad."." In the donation scene, many people were moved by this scene, for the behavior of the elderly "praise", Zhang Junxia took the old man’s hand, said: "you don’t want to pay back the money, to calm the body."." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter linked to the old lady’s daughter Xiao Yan, she told reporters, in 3 years, the mother has been linked to holding this thing. After the autumn harvest this year, the mother sold the corn in her house, plus the money saved for 3 years, two thousand yuan. The old lady with money to find Zhang Junxia said, return money is her wish.

沁阳花甲老人三年攒了2000元 当街还给活雷锋老人和张俊霞□记者郭长秀通讯员邓晓芳文图11月5日,沁阳义工在焦百生活广场举办“暖冬”捐衣活动,张俊霞作为义工代表,忙碌地整理热心市民送来的棉服、棉被。这时,一位66岁的老太太走来,一手拎烧鸡,一手从兜里掏出一沓钱,硬要塞给她。两人互相推让着,引发市民围观。这到底是怎么回事?昨日下午,记者联系上老太太的女儿小燕,她告诉记者,还钱是母亲压在心底三年的心愿。帮老太太回家,却把侄女的Iphone弄丢了老太太名叫张佩娥,2013年老伴生病住沁阳人民医院,她在医院陪护,与张俊霞的母亲同住一个病房。经过多日相处,彼此变得熟悉。张佩娥的老伴提前出院时,因路途遥远,乘车不便,张俊霞和侄女决定开车送他们回柏香镇东王良村的家里。到家后,老太太热情招呼张俊霞到屋里坐坐。5分钟后,张俊霞的侄女突然想起,因急着帮助拿行李,自己刚买的苹果手机忘在了车盖上。女孩忙出去找,但手机已经不见了。三年攒两千元,老太太当街还给活雷锋张俊霞对记者说,感觉对不起侄女,第二天,她便给侄女买了一部新手机。之后,老太太还主动找过张俊霞,给她带一些土特产。三年过去了,老太太突然提出还钱,这让张俊霞异常惊讶。“她老伴有病,家里并不宽裕。这钱,我肯定是不会要的。”张俊霞说。可是,老太太说,“俺知道这钱还不够,可你不拿着这两千元钱,俺心里不好受。”在捐衣现场,很多市民被这一幕感动,为老人的行为“点赞”,张俊霞拉着老人的手说:“你不要惦记还钱了,要静心养好身体。”昨天下午,记者联系到老太太的女儿小燕,她告诉记者,3年来,母亲一直挂牵着这个事。今年秋收过后,母亲卖掉家里的玉米,外加这3年攒下的钱一共两千元。老太太带着钱找到张俊霞说,还钱是她的心愿。相关的主题文章:

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