Qiu Yuanping: Overseas Chinese revolution is Sun Zhongshan’s most ardent supporters – Beijing, China News Agency, Frankfurt (reporter Peng Dawei) in October 29, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chinese director Qiu Yuanping 29, said in Frankfurt, the overseas Chinese always with Mr. Sun Zhongshan as the shadow follows the form, is the cause of the revolution of Sun Zhongshan’s most ardent supporters, not the overseas compatriots without the success of the revolution. She hoped that the overseas Chinese carry on Sun Zhongshan’s patriotic thought, patriotism and enterprising spirit, make new contributions to the reunification of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream. The German overseas Chinese Mr. Sun Zhongshan commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of the 29 conference held in Frankfurt. By the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the state delegation in the local condolences compatriots Qiu Yuanping attended the conference and delivered a speech. Qiu Yuanping pointed out that Mr. Sun Zhongshan is an outstanding patriot and national hero, is the great forerunner of the democratic revolution China, he in the Chinese nation’s humiliation, poor and weak, the awakening, made outstanding contributions to national rejuvenation, his historical contribution with the mountains and rivers, and the coexistence of sun and moon. "Looking back Mr. Sun Zhongshan bumpy revolutionary career, we noticed that Mr. Zhongshan himself has the identity of overseas chinese." Qiu Yuanping said that overseas Chinese always with Mr. Sun Zhongshan revolution as the shadow follows the form, strong supporters of the. "It is no exaggeration to say that no overseas Chinese have the success of the revolution!" Qiu Yuanping pointed out that Sun Zhongshan’s personality charm and revolutionary spirit inspired tens of thousands of overseas chinese. Sun Zhongshan praised the overseas Chinese as "the mother of the revolution", is the overseas Chinese in the revolution of the historical contributions of sincere evaluation. Qiu Yuanping said, the great spirit of patriotism and revolutionary Mr. Sun Zhongshan, not only by the admiration of the whole nation, more influenced generations of overseas Chinese national identity. During the Anti Japanese War, millions of overseas Chinese and people of the motherland to the national crisis, the overseas Chinese community organized donations, returning to the war, bloodshed, historical contributions visible before the eyes. Qiu Yuanping pointed out that in the new Chinese construction and the period of reform and opening up, overseas Chinese enthusiasm and actively participate in China development, Chinese for innovation and development, let each person do his best, promote Chinese culture, promote friendship, safeguard national unity, safeguard national dignity, realize the dream of revival and efforts to pay the true feelings. Qiu Yuanping said that Mr. Sun Zhongshan is a great dream, 100 years before the first call for rejuvenating the Chinese nation "slogan, open dream, dream, dream of the historical journey. "The Chinese nation has never been so close to being so close to it, and the president can rest in peace." Qiu Yuanping’s last message to German overseas Chinese, I hope you inherit and Mr Sun Zhongshan’s patriotism, patriotism and enterprising spirit, unite overseas Chinese forces, to promote the friendship between China and Germany, to promote Chinese culture, participate in home construction, promote the reunification of the motherland, boosting the prosperity of the country, to make greater contribution to national revival dream, unfinished business achievements of Zhongshan mr.. (end)相关的主题文章:

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