Reigning world champion Selby 9-13 upset the enemy who missed the top 8 (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time on April 25th morning, in 2015 the end of the Seventh World Snooker Championship Match day competition. The defending champion, ranked first in the world of Selby eventually lost 9-13 to break into the first at Mcgill, missed the top 8 upset. In addition, Hawkins temporarily 3-5 behind Mark Alan, who temporarily to 5-11 behind bingham. Selby 9-13 Mcgill this time last year, Selby reached the final finals done in one vigorous effort, he 5-10 behind a strong rebound, 18-14 reversed hot O’Sullivan’s Grand Slam, the elite of the elite. Before this year ushered in the trip, he Chinese open just take a crown. But first, he showed no signs of good, leading 8-4 lost five games in a row, by Norway’s Ma Fulin 9-8 ahead and took the lead in the match point, critical moment Selby regain control of the situation, 10-9 poise. In 91 years, was born in Scotland for the first time in the crucible is hard-edged, the bright younger generation Mcgill, his first round upset in the Scotland Derby to 10-9 No. 16 seed Maguire eliminated. The first stage fights, Mcgill started with 2-0, after Selby has improved 3-2 ahead, but in the end before the end of the eight round, as the last champion Selby only played a couple of 4-4 and the crucible. The second stage, Selby fired a single shot 120 points still failed to reverse the passive situation, Mcgill also Pobai with color, the first 16 games finish, Mcgill 10-6 Selby to lead the big score. In the 25 game 13 wins game victory, Mcgill has been very close to the distance. The game into the third stage, Mcgill maintained a high momentum, began in the seventeenth inning with a single shot 69 points to win. Selby then hit a single shot 67 points pulled one back in the eighteenth inning, to avoid the further expansion of the difference. After Mcgill hit a single shot 87 points to close nineteenth, 12-7 won the match point. Obviously, Selby is not willing to accept a limb of the imminent failure of reality, then he go, have achieved certain results, twentieth, with a 57 points, he saved a match point to 72-30. The twenty-first game, Selby continued to actively suppress offensive Mcgill, the Mcgill a ball, Selby saw an opportunity to act decisively, detonation of a single shot 101 points, the total score of 9-12 after. It is known as "reverse the king" said Selby could not play at this time again in reverse. The twenty-second game, Mcgill hold the position by a mistake from Selby, he takes a 82 minutes to complete the final blow, with a total score of 13-9 will upset the defending champion, ranked first in the world of Selby eliminated. For the first time at Mcgill has defeated No. 16 seed and 1 seeds, ushered in a beautiful two game winning streak, 14 finals, his rival Joe Perry and Murphy. Dortmund 5-11 Bingham Hawkins 3-5 Alan in the first stage of the game, the former world champion dott) quite passive.

世锦赛卫冕冠军塞尔比爆冷9-13不敌新人 无缘8强 (点击观看高清组图)   新浪体育讯 北京时间4月25日晨,2015年斯诺克世锦赛结束了第7比赛日角逐。卫冕冠军、世界排名第1的塞尔比最终以9-13输给首次闯入克鲁斯堡的麦吉尔,爆冷无缘8强。此外,霍金斯暂3-5落后马克-艾伦,多特暂以5-11落后宾汉姆。   塞尔比9-13麦吉尔   去年这个时候,塞尔比一鼓作气打进决赛,决赛中他5-10落后强势反弹,18-14逆转大热的奥沙利文,跻身大满贯这一精英中的精英之列。今年迎来卫冕之旅之前,他在中国公开赛刚刚再取一冠。然而首轮,他显示出不好的迹象,8-4领先连丢五局,被挪威选手马福林9-8反超并率先获得赛点,关键时刻塞尔比重新掌控局面,10-9涉险过关。   反观出生于91年、首次打进克鲁斯堡的苏格兰后起之秀麦吉尔,则锋芒毕露,首轮他在苏格兰德比战中爆冷以10-9将16号种子马奎尔淘汰出局。双方第一阶段交手,麦吉尔以2-0开场,之后塞尔比有所好转3-2反超,但最终前八局结束,作为去年冠军的塞尔比仅以4-4与克鲁斯堡新人打出了平手。第二阶段,塞尔比轰单杆120分仍没能扭转被动局面,麦吉尔也以破百还以颜色,前16局战罢,麦吉尔10-6大比分领跑塞尔比。在25局13胜的比赛中,麦吉尔距离胜利已非常接近。   比赛进入第三阶段,麦吉尔继续保持着高昂的势头,一上来便在第17局以单杆69分先声夺人。塞尔比旋即在第18局打单杆67分扳回一城,避免了分差的进一步扩大。之后麦吉尔打单杆87分收掉第19局,12-7获得赛点。   显然,无路可退的塞尔比并不甘心接受即将失败的现实,接下来他放手一搏,取得了一定的成效,第20局,凭借一杆57分,他以72-30挽回一个赛点。第21局,塞尔比继续以积极的进攻压制麦吉尔,本局麦吉尔一球未下,塞尔比找准机会果断出手,轰单杆101分,将总比分追为9-12。   但素有“逆转王”之称的塞尔比没能在这一次再演逆转好戏。第22局,麦吉尔稳住了阵脚,利用塞尔比的一次失误,他以一杆82分完成最后一击,爆冷以总比分13-9将卫冕冠军、世界排名第1的塞尔比淘汰出局。首次克鲁斯堡的麦吉尔先后击败16号种子和1号种子,迎来漂亮的两连胜,1 4决赛,他的对手为乔-佩里和墨菲的胜者。   多特5-11宾汉姆 霍金斯3-5艾伦   在第一阶段的比赛中,前世界冠军多特颇为被动,宾汉姆确立了6-2的领先优势,期间第8局他打单杆100分。第二阶段,多特的状态不见明显好转,前16局战罢,在克鲁斯堡最好成绩仅为8强宾汉姆继续以11-5大比分领跑,其中第14局,宾汉姆再以102分完成其个人在本场比赛的第二杆破百,双方第三阶段的比赛将在北京时间25日21:30进行。   另外一场比赛,2013年世锦赛亚军霍金斯状态欠佳,前八局结束暂以3-5落后马克-艾伦,双方第二阶段的比赛将在北京时间25日17:00进行。(莫林)相关的主题文章:

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