Russian police arrested a robot in the street, almost to the Ta Russian police handcuffed in the street and arrested a robot [editor’s note] generation AI Russian police arrested a poll of robots in the street, but it also. That’s what happened…… At that time, the robot in the street to help a member of the Russian public opinion polls, was reported by the masses, was taken away by the police in moscow. The police had tried to give it the handcuffs, yes, but this is the handcuffs, a robot body, let it wrist together is probably difficult. It is interesting that this robot is exactly the same as the previous two attempts to escape their manufacturers of the same robot Promobot". Crowd: "do you really want to put the robot into prison?" Policeman: "no, we just have to take it away from the crowd." What crime did the robot commit? Promobot robot manufacturers, said: according to eyewitnesses, the robot did not do any resistance. Moreover, we do not think that in the streets to carry out a number of questionnaires enough to be arrested by the police." For this incident, the robot was "help" members, said: "people like robots, they are very easy to get along with. Moreover, there are still some other Promobot robots to help us collect people’s views and aspirations." Judging from the current situation, the arrest of Promobot is likely due to the absence of written permission to go to public areas. But interestingly, this is not the first time Promobot with the police deal with the. Because early in June of this year, it was because from the laboratory into the street, and finally lead to the traffic and come up with a big international news. It is reported that researchers at the Promobo laboratory was tested in a small town in eastern russia. But because the test engineer went out and forgot to close the door, he walked straight out of the lab and finally stopped in the middle of the road because of the battery. Later, the police rushed to open the warning lights to remind the vehicle to pay attention to this unusual obstacle. After the incident, the researchers immediately Promobot two times to re programming. But it is dumbfounding, then in less than a week, Promobot was two times away from home. For developers, this could be their last test. In two after leaving, Promobot developer oleguer kiwoko (Oleg Kivokurtsev) – the husband said: "we are considering is not to put it down." In this news, some Youtube users called for R & D personnel can go, let Promobot continue to exist. But it was also suggested that Promobot’s run out of speculation just for marketing purposes. The robot is dangerous? Some analysts believe that, in the continuous robot technology has made significant progress, it seems that we should stop to consider the robot and artificial intelligence technology is really suitable for today’s society, the development of this issue, and lawmakers.相关的主题文章:

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