S6 finals draw ceremony held in September 11th, a list of rules – Sina heroes Union area in this article, we will give you a more in-depth introduction to how the various groups are generated. The group draw ceremony at 2 a.m. on Sunday, September 11th, in Beijing will be conducted in accordance with the rules and systems in this guide. It is worth noting that the guidelines involved in the operation of the method is more complex, may not be easy to understand. And most of the content is similar to the 2015 guide. The purpose of the guide is to provide a clear enough explanation to make it easier for people to keep up with the rhythm while watching the ceremony. The drawing process is the same as in 2015. However, according to the season in the Champions League rankings, LMS will be the first to qualify for the pool No. 1, the first European LCS is down to the pool of 2, some of which may occur in the absence of lottery draw will therefore change. We have updated the example of void draw to illustrate the difference. Team grouping: grouping rules: 1. Each team in each division can only have a team. So, for example, the first and the second division of the LPL name will not be in the same group. 2. Each team has only one team from the pool 3. Each team has and has only two teams from the pool of two, No. 4. Each team has and has only one team process from the pool three: when the ceremony begins, there will be three draw bowls. Which includes all finalists in the finals of the team. The group will be in alphabetical order – A, B, C, D from left to right. First of all, the pool of 1 teams were randomly selected, and then the number 2 pool, and finally the number 3 pool. When a team is pulled out, it will be placed in the right group in alphabetical order, after it will not cause another team to be placed in a valid position, resulting in the absence of an effective draw. For example, if the team will be drawn into the A group, will lead a team out of the next in violation of the rules above, then we will let the team "skip" A group, B, C or D into a position in which a group of. Later in detail. Turn the No. two team pool draw, only in each group has a two team pool, in order to continue to distribute two pool to the group team, unless such operation will lead to a violation of the rules of the packet. For example, suppose LPL Division second is the first to be pumped out of the ranks No. two in the pool, but the LPL division first has been assigned to the A group, according to rule 1, second is not assigned to the A group, but can only be assigned to the B group, B group has to because this No. two team pool locations, and no other teams from division LPL. Invalid draw: because the team is randomly drawn, under the constraints of multiple rules, there may be no grouping, resulting in the draw". With the annual team in the pool of the distribution of the situation, the conditions of the invalid draw will vary, but ruled out the general process and calendar.相关的主题文章:

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