Said Kim on Win: the market calm water straddle two affordable Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Said Kim on Win: the market calm water straddle two fitting Monday (September 19th) no guidelines too much news, whether it is commodity market or international currencies, the trend tends to be stable, maintain consolidation in the region, will focus on the EIA crude oil inventory data released Wednesday evening, the Fed’s interest rate decision on Thursday morning the published speech and then fed chairman Yellen investors. Tuesday (September 20th) 09:30 RBA announced in September monetary policy meeting minutes, minutes show that economic growth in line with the potential level, the current policy stance consistent with the inflation target. Specific content shows that interest rates will be stable, inflation in line with policy objectives. September to maintain interest rates unchanged at 1.5% because: the RBA hinted that interest rates will be stable, because in May and in August this year, has cut interest rates two times, and the Australian economy in the 21st century, no recession. May and August interest rates attributed to the first quarter and second quarter inflation data unexpectedly weak. The Reserve Bank of Australia and the Bank of England recently after the majority of market participants halt the troops and wait, are anxiously waiting for this week, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy decisions. If the Fed would halt the troops and wait hawkish stance, even with the dollar index, will also be significantly under pressure. But if the Fed is expected to raise interest rates, "accidental" its position will be very dovish, and the material does not imply that the year will further raise interest rates, so the United States that the support will be limited. Said Kim won on that non farm employment in the United States in August to increase the number of not only weaker than generally expected (past a number of August employment report repeated the trend, the total number of work) but also to the current quarter GDP decline rebound fatigue. In particular, the manufacturing sector is showing signs of pressure again, while the rise in inflation in the United States has not shown much of a threat of inflation, so it is likely that the bank will be less likely to raise interest rates in September. Tuesday (September 20th) during the European session, investors are mainly concerned about the impact of the German PPI data to the European market early. Since then, the market economy data is scarce, the trend is more inclined to the direction of technology. New York time, the market ushered in two U.S. housing market data, before the Federal Reserve resolution this week, the U.S. economic data may be more likely to cause attention to FOMC policy committee. Since then, the Canadian dollar investors concerned about Canada’s central bank governor Poloz’s press conference, trading crude oil investors pay close attention to API crude oil inventory data. 9.20 spot asphalt, asphalt ninggui market analysis: the next day is not too much to the news of the guidelines, the asphalt price remained at interval of consolidation, but trading is active, and just said Kim on winning consistent prediction. From the daily view, receive a shadow of a long line, the last five trading days of the closing line pattern for the two Yin Yang clip of a short occupies obvious advantage, brin downward opening track in the vicinity of 4355 on average to suppress the formation, MA相关的主题文章:

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