Digital story secret Samuel Tai diehard powder buy 150 album – Entertainment Sohu   Samuel Tai and chorus fans Sohu entertainment new imitation variety show "the hidden singer" the second season this Sunday late 19:30 Shanghai entertainment channel, Beijing arts channel, Guangzhou channel, 21:30 Shenzhen City Channel Four broadcast, and at the same time in Chongqing fashion Hangzhou West Lake pearl channel, channel, Jiangsu arts channel, Shaanxi life channel, Hebei TV channel, Fujian city channel, Henan TV channel, Wuhan sports channel, Shandong channel, Sichuan channel and other women living in more than a dozen ground channel broadcast simultaneously. This program is about to usher in the digital singer Samuel Tai on the show, the audience guests and singer with the chorus of many classic songs, behind the common secret digital story. The scene in King’s loyal fans with idol’s 150 album with the idol chorus, love deeply touched the audience! The digital story Samuel Tai on digital plot Samuel Tai 28 year career as a singer known as the prince of love songs, from the beginning of the "nine hundred and ninety-nine red roses", as Samuel Tai is fond of numbers, before and after the 20 album, a total of 14 digital tracks such as "first, Origami", "one thousand and one night", "digital king" title up on the three floor. The special nature of the current Samuel Tai also inseparable from the digital theme. In the program, the host gives a series of closely related and Samuel Tai number, "hidden singer" into a "hidden" numbers, a digital quiz in fiery guess assessment group. There is a mysterious figure is 28, this figure looks like a age, then guess the jury immediately guess someone is his old teacher tai. But immediately were questioned by other members, jokingly said he heard the teacher Tai song for more than and 20 years, if the 28 year old debut isn’t nearly 60? Hearing this, Tai naughty teacher said: "I am not 28, I’m obama!" With charming blink, Tai teacher turned tease than mode triggered audience laughter. The last 28 Tai teacher secret means that they have made his debut for 28 years. Here, Tai teacher recalled in 1988 when I started talking about the scene, he had almost no one knows the rock of ages, and share their feelings when the rest of the singer. The iron of the 150 album with the idol of embracing Samuel Tai as the dream stage debut nearly 30 years of song Wang, the two sides of the three sitting on a lot of love powder. This program will usher in a Jiangsu iron powder, since the label: "the 150 Samuel Tai", the fans, the label is a 150 album because of his collection of Tai teacher, and each album for him is a Samuel Tai! Then with an oversized suitcase scene to show their idol follow nearly 30 years of achievements, a full box of the album, touched the idol also moved the whole audience, host Mickey Huang called: "this is really the iron powder!" The fan took a piece from a pile of hills, calling it his most prized piece. The original of this album is his teacher tai!相关的主题文章:

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