Shanxi this year, the two batch of 25 coal mines shut down out of production capacity of 23 million 250 thousand tons in the original title: Shanxi this year the two batch of 25 coal mines shut down the Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan October 14th news (reporter Liang Xiaofei) reporter from the day before the Shanxi Provincial Coal Industry Bureau learned that before the end of October this year, the first batch of 15 closed out of the coal on the basis of Shanxi will be complete the 10 coal mines shut down exit acceptance, production capacity of 12 million 650 thousand tons of years. After two batches of exit, this year, Shanxi pulled out of coal mines up to 25, will exit the production capacity of 23 million 250 thousand tons. The second batch of off exit 10 mines, 7 counties located in Lvliang, Linfen, Xinzhou, Taiyuan, Shuozhou and other 5 cities. Among them, Shanxi coking coal group involved 4 coal mine, Lu’an Group 3, Taiyuan Dongshan Coal Group 2, Yangquan Coal Group 1. Out of the coal mine, the minimum capacity of 450 thousand tons a year, the maximum annual capacity of 5 million tons. The office of the Shanxi provincial government had issued "on accelerating the coal industry to resolve overcapacity work notice" proposed by Shanxi in 2016 will close out the reduction and restructuring decreased 21 coal mines, from the production capacity of 20 million tons, 27122 people staffing. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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