Shanxi Zhongyang coal mining induced subsidence Nuanquan farmland villagers two thousand walnut tree in Shanxi Zhongyang coal mine caused by a dying land collapse, thousands of walnut trees in Shanxi province Lvliang city Zhongyang dying Nuanquan Coal Co. coal mining led to land subsidence cracks, loess landslides blocked roads, more than 2500 strains of walnut trees are dying. The picture shows the Loess landslide. This picture are in the new network in the new network reported on September 19th, because the villagers in Shanxi province Lvliang city Zhongyang Nuanquan Coal Limited (hereinafter referred to as the warm springs mine coal mining led to land subsidence cracks), loess landslides blocked roads, more than 2500 strains of walnut trees in the unattended, the state of death, the reporter recently to Wuhan Jia Zhuang, Zhongyang County town of temple village survey interview. The village villagers Jiang 19, told reporters that due to the loess landslide and farmland cracks are increasing, the family did not dare to go up the mountain to take care of the field, and warm springs coal mine has not taken any preventive measures. 3 km road, more than 10 landslides just over the road has more than 3 kilometers of the loess landslide, countless cracks cut the road, was covered by a half of the high grass of the people of the earth, and so on, more than 10 kilometers. Reporter 13, along with the village on the mountain to investigate the situation of farmland and road cracks found that the widest point through the cracks of an adult body. Vehicles can not walk, pedestrians need to be careful not to fall into the cracks. The villagers Li Xiongfei is responsible for the Pathfinder carefully through the lush grass, "in May this year, my parents go up a hill in the morning to the walnut tree weeding, the crack was discovered, but it is very narrow, the evening sunset crack become very wide, my mother foot fall, almost fall into, my dad pulled." In the reporter and the villagers went up the hill, the valley came the "bang" sound, and a loess landslide, yellow powder rise. And there are no warning signs. Li Xiongfei pointed to the opposite side of a hill, across a KM is the warm springs mine pit. He stepped on the foot of the land, said: "this has been hollowed out under coal mine." "90" villager Li Xiongfei in their contracted land planted about 2500 trees of walnut trees, to success, to pay off the mother received surgical treatment of cancer as a result of the debt owed, I imported from Fenyang walnut seedlings, good varieties, a line of 8 yuan. I contracted 130 acres of land, planted a total of more than and 60 acres of walnut trees, no money, and the rest of the preparation for a few years and then planted." For the convenience of the mountains to do the field, Li Xiongfei spent a long 3 kilometers, the car can pass the road. Plus walnut seedlings, fertilizers and other inputs, he has spent about 500000 yuan. Loess landslide blocking road. Three kinds of walnut trees need weeding and watering regularly, and all the year round, the family is busy from spring to autumn. 2016 is a walnut tree in third years, some of the walnut tree has been the "next year or the year after, all the results of walnut trees. If a walnut tree knot nuts 5 jins, more than 2 thousand walnut tree, a year close to more than 10 thousand pounds per kilogram, walnut 15 yuan, the annual income is 150 thousand yuan." Li Xiongfei said. Reporters on the scene saw, walnut tree fields covered with weeds, many yellow leaves of walnut tree. Li Xiongfei said, because of Tao theory相关的主题文章:

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