To promote the standardized management of the school canteen food channel construction — Shenyang City — original title: to promote the construction of standardized management of school canteens in Shenyang city food and Drug Supervision Bureau Duocuobingju Shenyang City, to promote the work of the construction of standardized management of school canteens achieved initial results, as of now, the school canteen "Ming Liang kitchen stove. The transformation rate was 70%. Shenyang Municipal Bureau of strict management, promote the implementation of food safety responsibility school. The Bureau issued a "food safety responsibility publicity card", "Shenyang City catering food safety key post operation guide", "food safety tips" key operation guidance materials, to further clarify the schools (including nurseries) the legal representative is the first responsibility of food safety, take the school cafeteria (including self the canteen, canteen contractor) food safety management responsibility. Guidance materials hanging in the school cafeteria, posting rate of 100%, while the focus of the position of food safety risk warning content on the wall, to ensure that the operator should be aware of the right operation in place. At the same time, the Council innovative ideas, vigorously promote the school canteen 1234 management points. "1" is "a good person", "2" is the establishment of an organization and establish a set of management system, "3" is a good purchase, purchase inspection, out of three points, "4" is to do a good job of washing, disinfection, temperature control, separate raw and cooked four links. On this basis, the formulation and implementation of the "Shenyang school canteen" 1234 "standard" and "the main responsibility for the school canteen food safety full-time administrator management system", a comprehensive specification of school canteens in Shenyang City catering service behavior. Currently, the city’s more than 90% of the school cafeteria has reached the "1234" management standards for the management of key points. The Bureau regularly carry out the school canteen and campus food service food safety comprehensive inspection, combined with the City Board of education, Municipal Education Commission of science and technology, the control part of the unified supervision of food and beverage "(flight) inspection report" flight inspection found problems on the spot, feedback, deadline for rectification. Regulatory authorities regularly review, the results of the city’s inspection report. For the problems of outstanding school canteen, increase the inspection frequency and intensity, to carry out law enforcement interviews, eliminate the risk of food safety hazards. Shenyang bureau also focused on food safety laws and regulations, investigation of food poisoning and emergency treatment, "1234" key management points, organize the school canteen supervision of faculty training; run jointly with the City Board of education, training the comprehensive ability of the city’s primary and secondary school canteen management personnel, to carry out innovative food safety awareness into the Campus Training activities. The establishment of the office of the school canteen supervision of QQ group and WeChat group, through the different levels and categories, the zero distance business training and publicity and education, food safety administrator training rate of 100%, the school food safety management and employees in food safety practices to further enhance the level of. (Cui Dawei) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章:

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