Shenzhen check 42 home real estate intermediary LaSalle bank and a loan Shoufu We want times in you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Shenzhen check 42 times a intermediary LaSalle bank involved Shoufu loan Beijing daily news (reporter Lai Dachen) following the October 13th new assault inspection, audit bureau of Shenzhen city and action. Yesterday, under the Shenzhen market and Quality Supervision Committee of the market inspection bureau Futian, Nanshan, Luohu and Guangming branch all out, first entered the company headquarters, then check the intermediary stores, down payment loan to become the focus of inspection. It is understood that the 13 inspection team from the audit bureau of Shenzhen city market inspection department and the city’s 10 districts Bureau law enforcement officers raided the real estate and its small loan and LaSalle LaSalle gold, P2P enterprises engaged in real estate financial services company, engaged in real estate brokerage services in the Central Plains, the chain of home, AP, Shihua, Shun, China Merchants Property, Q housing network, Yongan, new central, hail, happiness vanguard, U room, dragon Qi 42 home real estate intermediary and its related upstream and downstream enterprises. Which is particularly concerned about the issue of down payment loans. According to the inspection results, LaSalle small loan company’s main business is the home cloud loan project, mainly for home buyers and other consumer credit loans, loan funds from LaSalle gold financial platform for the Internet, the flow of funds is used to pay the first payment of the purchase, the Inspection Bureau said it will further verification, and such illegal to deal with the financial department in charge of behavior. The site also found suspected illegal advertising platform in LaSalle gold. Also disclosed is a P2P net loan platform Shenzhen Futian era Service Co. Ltd. has issued a series of real estate project loan products since October, to provide funds for the purchase of property buyers, the proportion of more than 50% housing loans, the annual interest rate of up to 15%, suspected to constitute "Shoufu loan", belongs to the relevant departments prohibit violations, market inspection bureau will further verification, and according to the results of the investigation shall be transferred to the financial departments. In this year’s NPC and CPPCC, central bank vice governor Pan Gongsheng at the press conference for the first time on the down payment loan stated publicly that the central bank together with relevant departments, combining the Internet financial special rectification activities, the real estate intermediary, real estate development enterprises and their cooperation with P2P platform to carry out financial operations and cleaning rectification, blow down payment loan provides financing, increase the purchase of housing credit policy, leverage disguised breakthrough behavior for customers. Followed by the payment of loans nationwide halt. Yesterday afternoon, LaSalle bank issued the "on the Shenzhen market and actively cooperate with the Inspection Bureau routine inspection briefing" pointed out that during the inspection of LaSalle bank to actively cooperate with the work of law enforcement officers, business license and other relevant qualification certificates and materials management. At present, did not find the LaSalle bank operating activities are major violations. The financial sector in the past bank Shoufu loan business is the main profit point. In February 6th this year, LaSalle bank announced plans set by the company相关的主题文章:

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