Sichuan to promote the diversification of the dispute settlement mechanism to resolve the contradictions in the court – Politics – original title: Sichuan to promote the diversification of the dispute settlement mechanism to resolve the contradictions: trouble and disputes outside the court, not to the court, can be resolved quickly, not only reduce litigation costs, save judicial resources, but also promote social governance the rule of law. In recent years, the Sichuan provincial court system to promote the non convergence of multiple dispute settlement mechanism, "Meishan experience", adhere to the mediation first, improve the mediation and litigation, to achieve judicial convenience and for the people. 2015, the court of Meishan v. non convergence of the central government since the reform experience selected eighteen successful cases since the reform of the 30, provides a model for the national social governance model. "V." clever cohesion, of the contradictions and disputes taken before filing "appointment", after the filing of "principal" means "to" not through litigation mediation mediation, non convergence "in my case, I am afraid that now have the consumption in court." The citizens of Meishan city Xia Zhaoyong, the accident two years ago, he suddenly fell into the abyss. A construction company in Meishan city need to rent in a construction crane. Wang Zhiwen helped pull strings from leasing. In April 2014, the tower crane in the use of a fault, Wang Zhiwen hired Xia Zhaoyong crane maintenance, accidentally fell into a paraplegic, spent nearly 600 thousand yuan for medical expenses. Xia Zhaoyong claims for damages. However, Wang Zhiwen was due to criminal responsibility Sike seal, compensation once troubled. The people’s Court of Meishan city Danleng county appoint Mediation Office and organize the relevant units to participate in mediation. January 11, 2015 the two sides reached an agreement: the construction company to compensate for all medical expenses, compensation for other losses of 1 million 390 thousand yuan, the other day to pay the loss of $500 thousand. The rest was about to settle. This is since 2014, the more than 70 thousand contradictions and disputes occurred in Meishan, through the non convergence of a typical case. According to the Sichuan Provincial Higher People’s court, Wang Haiping introduced the so-called "non litigation cohesion", is the non litigation mediation organization and diversified courts, through the "please come in" and "going out" mode for China unicom. Please come in, the court is to organize a variety of mediation mediation court to do some work. "Going out" is to set up the judge’s studio and the circuit court in the place where the contradiction is more concentrated. Take this way to court and diversified mediation organization, judge and mediator organically, the expert database is established at the same time, the contradictions and disputes taken before filing "delegate", after filing "commissioned" by means of effective mediation. May 2012, Meishan City Intermediate People’s court was determined by the Supreme People’s court for the national litigation and non litigation convergence of the dispute settlement mechanism reform pilot court. As of now, non litigation mediation organization in Meishan two court mediation studio 42, 641 and 527 invited mediators invited mediation organizations registered. The court has set up 193 liaison offices for judges in the areas where there are more and more disputes and disputes, and has been established with 156 administrative organs, the 538 industries and the mediation organizations相关的主题文章:

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