Sixty granny day inexplicably was 4 men hit said not for the first time during the day, 4 masked men suddenly rushed out, hit 63 year old Hou granny, even a man with a club playing. September 22nd at 6 pm, occurred in a print shop Yuxiang door in front of the scenes of violence, happens to be the monitor print outside the shop photographed, due to serious injuries, was hit the old man is still in hospital. Just out of print shop was 4 men hit "just out of typing copy shop, 4 men wearing masks rushed." It is understood that the old woman was slapped Hou and a friend holding data in Yuxiang door a print shop, is ready to be loaded into the bag, hit the 4 men suddenly rushed out. Hou old friends recalled, when a few men rushed up, she was scared silly, until Hou Hou was beaten to the ground, she just quickly dialed 110, and notify their families. A few minutes later, Hou sister arrived at the scene. When my sister was beaten, I got to the scene for the first time and found my sister lying on the ground groaning, with multiple injuries to her head and body." She said, her family lived in a Hou pan near the village, from the beaten yuxiangmen print shop, it is less than 500 meters away, but she has not arrived at the scene to see the batterer. Helpless, afraid of 63 year old sister serious injury, she immediately dialed 120 to send medicine. It was not the first time to be beaten. Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the West Hospital of Hou hou. In the Department of Neurosurgery inpatient department reporter to see, Hou old lady because of serious injury is still a bit, her daughter accompanying care in the side. Hou lady told reporters that the batterer made a special camouflage, also wearing a surgical mask, a man with an iron bar on her head a few after she fainted. "It’s not the first time that you’ve ever had an argument." Hou granny said, the morning of the 21 day, she was alone in the vicinity of Yuxiang door Pan village was more than 20 men surrounded, 6 of them were pushing on Hou granny, but because it was found that the batterer police rushed to leave quickly, without causing serious consequences. What she did not expect that 22 afternoon at 6:20 PM, and 4 men wearing masks guy rushed to her cuff and kick. Police investigation of perpetrators identity, then, the reporter came to Hou grandmother accident printing shop door, see here happens to have a monitoring probe. The reporter saw from the video monitor, the 22 day at 6:21 in the afternoon, a friend and Hou lady sitting in the park in the print shop in front of the old scooter, suddenly rushed out from the left side of a man, the foot from the vehicle driver’s seat kick down to the ground, followed by another man by holding a black baseball bat similar things to be beaten, and since then, up two men wearing masks, cuff and kick to lying on the ground waiting granny. Video shows, at that time and Hou lady companion friends were not hurt. Hou sister’s sister after watching the video said: "visible wounding is determined after the target, ready to carry out violence."." Reporters learned from the West Hospital, the injured Hou granny was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, hematoma of the scalp, bilateral orbital fractures, systemic multiple soft tissue injuries, but also need to leave the hospital for further observation. kick

六旬老太大白天莫名被4男子围殴 称不是第一次大白天,突然冲出4名蒙面男子,围殴63岁的侯老太,甚至还有一名男子手持棍棒挥打。9月22日下午6时许,发生在玉祥门外一打印店门前的这一暴力场面,恰巧被打印店门外的监控拍下,由于伤势严重,被打老人目前还在医院接受治疗。 刚出打印店 就被4男子围殴 “刚从打字复印店走出来,4个戴着口罩的男子就冲上来了。”据了解,被打的侯老太当时和一位朋友在玉祥门外一家打印店拿着资料,正准备装进包内时,突然被冲出的4名男子围殴。侯老太的朋友回忆说,当时几名男子冲上来,她都吓傻了,直到侯老太被打在地,她才赶紧拨打了110报警,并通知其家属。 几分钟后,侯老太妹妹赶到现场。“姐姐被打后,我第一时间赶到现场,发现姐姐躺在地上呻吟,头部和身上多处受伤。”她说,侯老太一家就住在潘家村附近,距其被打的玉祥门打印店,也就不到500米距离,但她赶到现场就已经不见打人者了。无奈下,怕63岁的姐姐伤势严重,她便立即拨打了120送医。 莫名被打已不是第一次 昨天上午,记者来到收治侯老太的西电医院。在神经外科住院部记者看到,侯老太因受伤严重还在打着点滴,其女儿陪护在身边照顾。侯老太告诉记者,打人者专门做了伪装,还戴着医用口罩,其中一名男子拿着铁棍在她头上敲击了几下后,她就晕了。 “没有跟人发生过争吵,但莫名被打已经不是第一次了。”侯老太说,21日早上,她独自在玉祥门外潘家村附近就被20多名男子围住,其中6人对侯老太进行了推搡,但因为当时打人者发现民警赶到就迅速离开了,未造成严重后果。令她没想到的是,22日下午6点20分许,又有4名戴着口罩的小伙冲上来,对她拳打脚踢。 民警调查施暴者身份 随后,记者来到侯老太出事的打印店门外,看到这里恰巧有一个监控探头。从视频监控中记者看到,22日下午6点21分,侯老太与朋友一前一后坐在停放在打印店门口的老年代步车上,突然从其左侧冲出一名男子,将其一脚从车辆驾驶座上踹倒在地,紧跟其后的另一名男子拿着一个黑色类似棒球棍的东西对其进行殴打,此后,又上来两名戴着口罩的男子,对躺在地上的侯老太拳打脚踢。 视频显示,当时与侯老太同行的朋友丝毫没有受到伤害。侯老太的妹妹在看了视频后说:“可见伤人者是确定目标后,有准备地进行施暴的。”记者从西电医院了解到,受伤的侯老太被诊断为颅脑外伤,头皮血肿,双眼眶骨折,全身多处软组织损伤,还需留院作进一步观察。 目前,侯老太的妹妹已将视频资料等提供给辖区警方,民警正在对施暴者身份进行调查。这4名男子对侯老太施暴的具体原因,警方还在进一步调查中。 文本报记者葛兰注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 实拍四口罩男当街行凶 六旬妇女骑车被飞踹惨遭拳打脚踢相关的主题文章:

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