Small eyes or in pairs, by P figure to learn make-up fashion star COSMO micro signal: cosmochina who said small eyes is not popular, this is extreme aesthetic prejudice. Do you want the two parallel uniform, with a net red, is down to earth? There are a small part of the fight against the eyes is ugly people, but also with a color discrimination! Li Qinge is the most elegant makeup makeup open secret love Nicole · Vaughan (Nicole Warne) from Australia fashion blogger Nicole · Vaughan, is a Japanese Korean, wheat colored skin, with Asian girls the phoenix eye, let a person shine at the moment. Her signature long Eyeliner gives a new charm to a single eyelid. So, don’t think small eyes can only rely on a double fold eyelid, all kinds of false eyelashes to go. There is a kind of beauty, is not to follow the trend, choose and match the trend. Fashionable workplace Look Nicole’s appearance is very cool, not to go sweet that hang. This style is also very suitable for the workplace dress up, outline outline with eyeliner, elongated eye tail, more feminine. If you are born with a single eyelid, or double, it is necessary to combine their own conditions to create a decent makeup. Don’t make a pompous workplace makeup, place of work is not a circus. Since the United States is not stunning, do not go too ugly. This process Ni Ni from the girl’s perhaps long, but now the Ni Ni has been transformed into the goddess of love to laugh. Beautiful romantic eyes look, let her have more affinity. In 5 eyes turned to stunning double step swelling bubble, the most important is the time to draw the eye makeup eye position. Eye tail with the color of the earth to deepen the eyes, can play a visual sense to eliminate eye swelling. First with the basic background in the upper eyelids bottoming, and then use the light colored eye shadow in the eyes of central bright. Note that the upper eyelid and eye head can not be painted too much, otherwise the eyes do not look god. Inside the double eye is not suitable for too wide eye liner, so close to the root of the lashes is the best liner. If you want a more profound effect, you can use brown eye shadow a little halo open, so that the eyes look three-dimensional. The liner closure should be natural, not deliberately upturned or drooping. The length of the liner should be determined according to their own eye width. Roughly in the eye shadow position. The eyelashes within the eyes must be light, otherwise the eyes will not be god. Therefore, the weight of false eyelashes and fly legs like Mascara all OUT! Only in the eyes of the increase, and then to the upper and lower lashes gently brush a layer of mascara can be. TIPS: double MM don’t try makeup thick or glamorous makeup, refreshing eye makeup is more suitable for double eyes. Recommendation 3 M· A· C; M.A.C fashion Eyeliner price: ¥ 200 2.5ml; the eyeliner package, equipped with a special makeup pen. Liquid eyeliner is an ideal choice for the eye. You can use it to easily draw the eye, it can create very fine texture, arrhizus clear eyebrow makeup. The Lancome Lancome artist lasting Eyeliner price: ¥ cone pen 295 specially designed 1.4ml, by the fine to a shaggy, precise.相关的主题文章:

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