South America visa free travel to the latest version, and finally can go away! – Sohu travel Peru conditional visa free! This is yet another visa to die in the South American country to open my arms to china! Miss.6 is here today to take stock of the South American countries that have implemented visa free policies in China, each of which can be regarded as the ultimate destination for travelers! [Ecuador] visa free travel to Ecuador to visit relatives, or engage in non-profit activities Chinese citizens visa free entry, exit and transit in Ecuador. From the date of the first entry within one year (12 months, not a natural year) can stay in Ecuador for a maximum of no more than 90 days. Located in the South American country, Equatorial Ecuador nicknames banana country, with the ancient Inca civilization, this mysterious land in the Amazon tribe, the Spanish colonial culture and the wonderful scenery of the equator. Ecuador Quito, known as the "world line city", from across the equator, the ancient historical monuments are around every corner of the city of quito. This is a small country worth discovering. Concerned about the 6 people travel consultant WeChat service number (ID:sijiatuan), or in the major application store to download the 6 person tour APP, 1 pairs of 1 free consulting travel consultant, customize your exclusive journey. You can also call 400-010-6003 free consultation. Peru [conditional visa] China passport valid period of six months or more of the United States, Canada, Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia or Schengen visa, or long-term residence in these countries and regions, visa free access to Peru for tourism or business activities, valid for 180 days. The distant and mysterious country with ancient Inca culture is eternal, the mysterious Amazon rainforest, mountain terraces have like art, there is a "Lonely Planet" is the world’s first four foot line…… here, as in the mysterious land of the lost. Machu Picchu: ancient mountain on the lost city of the ancient city is located at an altitude of more than more than 2 thousand and 300 of the Andes, due to its excellent geographical location, and later to the early twentieth Century was discovered. Because of its mysterious and magnificent, attracting countless people with a spiritual pilgrimage near it. Because of its mysterious, holy and pious atmosphere, here is called "the lost city of the Inca empire". Argentina [conditional free paper visa] holders of the United States or the European Union Schengen visa Chinese citizens can apply directly for Argentina visa. Electronic visa service fee is $50. AVE visa is approved, since the date of issuance of the visa is valid for 90 days, the holders of the visa will have multiple access to the right of Argentina. Hongkong director Wong Kar Wai used "happy together" took us to the earth’s southernmost Argentina, colorful Boka, lingering tango, was shot painted blue and heartbroken Iguazu city of Ushuaia, Wong Kar Wai had been incorporated into the lens. Ushuaia, the end of the world! Ushuaia is the southernmost city where people live on the earth相关的主题文章:

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