Spend two minutes with the Mid Autumn Festival the return route for you to save a lot of time short holiday congestion always comes slowly, go in a hurry! Suddenly, today is the last day of the holiday! You are sleeping in the past? Play the past? Or ignorant ignorant past? In any case, the afternoon half day to consume on the road also, the road! May be more complicated! How to do? How to do? Kiss, wiped away tears, early return to Zhengzhou! Must remember to avoid the peak return after four o’clock this afternoon! Flashball avoid the afternoon back to the city from the Qingming holiday peak, peak return situation, Qingming holiday the last day Zhengzhou, Xinzheng and Hong Kong and Macao high-speed Putian section and south section of Pingdingshan city Xuchang high speed LAN at 23 PM to return to normal traffic; May Day Dragon Boat Festival holiday in the high-speed traffic police and the media repeatedly warning under the guidance of public management Return, return peak does not appear congestion big. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday Qingming 51 and compared the situation even more severe: high-speed toll free holidays, peak return easily lead to traffic congestion queues, so pay special attention to the afternoon return peak, especially after four pm back to Zheng under station vehicle highly congested, pay attention to early return, return peak. Flashball this arrangement return bypass route more smoothly pass North Lianhuo expressway: Liulin station, cultural road station traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can advance detour East sanhuan north station or Huiji station. To the east of Beijing high-speed, Putian station, navigation road station traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can bypass ahead of Zheng Dong New District station; Southwest Beltway South: Hou Village Station, eighteen River Station, Regulus Hometown Station (the eighteen River Station and hometown Xuanyuan station station with two lanes construction) traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can advance detour Cherry Valley Station Road Station (or university in Hou Village Station and eighteen River Station in the middle of Southwest Beltway 34 kilometers); west of the high-speed and southwest Beltway: high-speed southwest station traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can advance detour Longhai West Road station, Central Plains Road station, Yulong station or science Avenue station. Luoyang station, two high-speed wide Baima Temple Station, Longmen station traffic will be very large, easy to jam, the driver friends pass from the Longmen station can bypass the two high-speed wide reach Guan Lin Railway Station, beltway Luoyang New District station or stations; the driver friends pass from the White Horse Temple station can bypass the Lianhuo highway, Luoyang Railway Station east or Luoyang Mengjin city station or the two high-speed wide Luoyang Chanhe station. It opened to the neighboring station, traveling by car, the driver friends very much, and the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is not free high-speed traffic, even Huo highway, KaiFeng Railway Station Daguang high-speed opening DU Liang station traffic is very large and easy to jam, can advance detour Zheng Min high speed under the station opened the station or Zheng open road traffic. Flashball award. The dense weave "police police micro network" to focus on nine categories of illegal traffic investigation recently, high-speed traffic police corps issued a notice, the implementation of prizes to report on the province highway bus overcrowding, the lane and emergency Lane occupied nine congested traffic violations, police work together to eliminate security risks in a timely manner. Among them, the big lane; in case of traffic congestion, occupying the emergency lane; passengers and passenger vehicles parking on the loading and unloading of the three types of illegal off-site reporting according to.相关的主题文章:

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