Split design, AR glasses MagicLeap patent exposure – Sohu technology it is not known whether you remember the mysterious AR company: Magic Leap, a few months ago, about the company’s news also continuously, quiet for some time, now the "news" again. Recently, the U.S. Patent Office announced a new patent on Magic Leap, patent can be seen from the figure, Magic Leap products already have a general molding design using similar VR split machine, at the same time collocation with an operating handle. (source: NetEase in science and Technology) on the Magic Leap the first significant relevant information is still limited, this patent is mainly described by the interaction of the handle, the handle is another nickname is called: 3D controller, you can guess from the name, this handle can achieve motion capture and somatosensory interaction. 3D controller design with HTC Vive and Oculus, especially the handle with an analogy rocker, that is to say in the somatosensory interaction can also be realized by way of some operations use the rocker rocker, in VR interaction more convenient, Touch handle Oculus Rift also equipped with a joystick interactive logic Magic Leap handle should be similar to Oculus. (Oculus Rift Touch in the realization of the principle of the handle) somatosensory interaction, which is not similar to HTC Vive or Oculus Rift that laser positioning and infrared positioning, instead of using the magnetic localization technology currently relatively rare, the magnetic coil is mounted to the head up display, to achieve the gesture tracking using magnetic field data encoding. This technique is similar to the Rink field controller Sixense had all the chips and Samsung has launched, the technology advantage is that without external positioning device can realize gesture tracking, the use of more convenient, it means that Magic or Leap is a portable AR equipment. (Samsung magnetic field controller Rink) if the AR head Magic Leap significant really use such as the VR machine design patent map description, it may make people love and hate, love is the reason without the connection of the computer that can run, can carry, and the reason is hate because of the design of the host and the head was separated, one is not strong, this is clearly not the right shape. Design the hardware operation benefits can be fully used, no need to consider because the hardware integrated end time, resulting in reduced hardware problems for comfort, the short term is a good solution, but in the long run, manufacturers should do is how to light micro hardware and create a more portable integrated head display device. So far, we have heard a lot of news about Magic Leap, today’s patent map looks very reliable, but this product in the end when it can be available?.相关的主题文章:

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