Strong typhoon "malakas" will come to Xiamen next two days and the temperature rise [Yin Lei view] day tomorrow, I will increase the temperature, the maximum temperature will rise to 32 DEG C in urban. Washington (reporter correspondent Wang Yin Lei) the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" is the Pacific Northwest pace, it will follow the "Meranti" to Xiamen, one disaster after another? The meteorological department forecast, "malakas" and "miranti" "born" although are very close, the path is almost parallel, but "malakas" not landing, a serious impact will not bring rain to the city, the city will be fully acquired into fine weather, conducive to the post disaster reconstruction work. "Meranti" spent nearly 2 hours in the territory of Xiamen, and the strong winds it is as long as five or six hours, heavy rains longer. Yesterday, the "Meranti" behind the clouds around the ring, and there is an obvious showers. This round of rainfall presents "from south to the north" situation, the island and Haicang southern Jimei, southern heavy rain, Tongan, Xiangan with a small to moderate rain. The temperature has rebounded, and the highest temperature in the city has climbed to 30.1 degrees centigrade. As of 8 pm, "Maleka" the typhoon center has moved to Xiamen East more than 500 km south of the sea, near the center of the largest wind 15 (48 m / sec), 7 wind circle radius of 280 kilometers, 10 wind circle radius of 90 km, up to the strong typhoon level. The meteorological department forecast, "malakas" and "miranti", it will not even the west of Fujian, the Taiwan island is not landing, it will be in the northeastern coast of Taiwan round, draw a huge arc after turning northeast, toward the southern coast of japan. "It is very small so malakas" on Xiamen. Tomorrow, it will be outside the north wind over Xiamen, my city temperature will be slightly increased, the maximum temperature will rise to 32 DEG C in urban. The weather will be significantly improved, cloudy to overcast weather, local areas will shower some showers, but the range of rainfall and rainfall will be greatly reduced. After the clouds dispersed, the city will turn to the fine weather, the highest temperature at 31 degrees Celsius in. Note that, at high temperatures, high humidity, and more needs to happen around the garbage, the prevention of the epidemic; in addition, the continuous rainfall resulted in higher soil moisture content, the geological disaster risk level three, geological disasters landslides and other possibility is relatively large, please pay attention to the prevention of the relevant units. (Xiamen net (micro-blog)) >

强台风“马勒卡”不会来厦门 今明两天气温升高【殷磊观天】今明两天,我市的气温会小幅升高,市区最高气温将升至32℃。本报讯 (记者 殷磊 通讯员 小王)今年第16号台风“马勒卡”正在西北太平洋上踱步,它会不会效仿“莫兰蒂”,给厦门雪上加霜呢?气象部门预测,“马勒卡”与“莫兰蒂”的“出生地”虽然相距很近,前期的路径也几乎平行,但“马勒卡”不会登陆福建,更不会给我市带来严重的风雨影响,后天我市将全面转为晴好天气,有利于灾后重建工作。“莫兰蒂”在厦门境内停留了近2个小时,而它的强风影响则长达五六个小时,暴雨影响时间更长。昨日,受“莫兰蒂”后部的环流云系影响,各地又出现了较明显的阵雨天气。这一轮降雨呈现了“南多北少”的局面,岛内和海沧南部、集美南部普降中到大雨,同安、翔安则以小到中雨为主。气温有所回升,市区最高气温攀到了30.1℃。截至昨晚8时,“马勒卡”台风的中心已经移动到厦门东偏南500多公里的海面上,近中心最大风力15级(48米 秒),7级风圈半径为280公里,10级风圈半径为90公里,达到强台风的级别。气象部门预测,“马勒卡”和“莫兰蒂”不同,它不会西进福建,甚至连台湾岛都不会登陆,它将在台湾东北部沿海调头,画出一个巨大的弧形后折向东北,直扑日本南部沿海。所以“马勒卡”对厦门的影响很小。今明两天,它的外围偏北气流会笼罩厦门,我市的气温会小幅升高,市区最高气温将升至32℃。天气会明显好转,以多云到阴的天气为主,局部地区还会洒落些阵雨,但降雨范围和雨量都将大大缩小。后天雨云退散,我市将转为晴好天气,市区最高气温在31℃左右。需要注意的是,眼下气温偏高、湿度很大,而各地垃圾较多,需要防范疫情的发生;此外,持续降雨导致土壤含水量较高,全市地质灾害风险等级达到三级,发生崩塌、滑坡等地质灾害可能性较大,请相关单位注意防范。(厦门网(微博))>相关的主题文章:

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