Suiyang: to resettle helping poor households and poor nest seeking new channel – Guizhou – original title: Suiyang helping poor households and poor nest and Xinye recently, I walked into the Suiyang County Jincheng town resettlement area, the new shop to well-proportioned oil building orderly connected, leisure chairs, trash, green tree put a small dot beautifully. "At present, resettlement area infrastructure is gradually improving, we will also rely on the positioning of county tourism development, there is no guide to the park working people engaged in production of tourism products, let every immigrant masses have a rich. In the 120 ecological immigrants, more than 100 people have realized employment and entrepreneurship in the parks, towns and communities, "said Tian Maorong, Party Secretary of the town. It is reported that the relocation task of Suiyang county this year is 4361 people, including 2448 poor people. To carry out poverty alleviation relocation work, the county and small towns development, beautiful countryside construction, tourism demonstration village, the combination of financial innovation, so that poor people living in the mountains, through the mountains, move out reconstruction, centralized resettlement in the county and town, completely solve the poverty problem of their. And the employment, education, medical and other places into the easy relocation project system, employment analysis of accurate immigration population structure, professional expertise, labor situation and poverty degree, scientific, accurate, effective implementation of one to one aid program. (Shi Zhimou Yang Yunping) (Chen Kangqing, Tu Min: commissioning editor)

绥阳:易地扶贫搬迁帮扶贫困户挪穷窝谋新业–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:绥阳帮扶贫困户挪穷窝谋新业 近日,笔者走进绥阳县金承集镇安置小区,新铺的油路把错落有致的大楼有序连接起来,休闲椅、垃圾桶、绿化树把小区点缀得十分漂亮。 “目前,安置小区的基础设施正在逐步完善,我们还将依托全县旅游发展的定位,引导没有到园区打工的群众从事旅游产品生产,让每一个移民群众都有一条致富路。在这集中安置的120户生态移民中,已有100余人在园区、集镇、社区实现就业创业,”该镇党委书记田茂荣说。 据悉,绥阳县今年搬迁任务为4361人,其中贫困人口2448人。在开展易地扶贫搬迁工作中,该县与小城镇开发、美丽乡村建设、旅游示范村、金融创新相结合,让久居大山的贫困群众,通过搬出大山、搬出危房,在县城及小城镇进行集中安置,彻底解决他们的脱贫问题。并将就业、教育、医疗等纳入易地搬迁工程体系,就业方面精准分析移民人口结构、专业特长、劳动力情况和贫困程度,科学、精准、有效实施一对一帮扶方案。(石芝谋 杨云平) (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章:

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