Summer revelation: historical inflection point has been still too early Tencent with global entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Tiemei) summer ended, 2016 seems to be more and more that of their small reputation. As of press time, the mainland China summer box office is about 14 billion 300 million yuan, last week with the coming, it is difficult to surpass 15 billion, is not only a negative growth for the first time in five years, with screenings and viewing trips growth will not match. Similarly, as of press time, the North American box office nearly $4 billion, to catch up with last year’s 4 billion 460 million is not easy, because in August 26th, more than 10 of the painting is not a large. Because of the summer Hollywood blockbuster performance just passable, the global market will shrink. China’s market downturn, in addition to large imports because of the downturn, the local did not produce strong film. The Korean market Dikaigaozou eventually "Busan" "Inchon" "tunnel" landing face etc.. What are the similarities and differences between several markets and what does it mean? For the first time the negative growth of the Chinese market and what kind of inspiration? "Busan" "Inchon" "tunnel" landing China Market: ticket last year or this year on the back of the pot hero, in fact, the whole summer decline, from the Spring Festival file from the "Mermaid" driven by the carnival receded, began. April box office 3 billion 110 million yuan (this section does not specify units are RMB), the first negative growth, compared with last year fell by 24%. Summer file in the first month of May, 3 billion 140 million of the box office slightly lower than last year. But this result depends mainly on the "Captain America 3" and "Beijing" in Seattle in 2, no other domestic film billions of dollars. June was better, 3 billion 870 million of the box office to achieve the growth of the chain, but only the top ten, only the "" and "black powder" is made in China, the box office at only about 216 million of the total box office. July back to the negative growth again, 4 billion 510 million at the box office, down by 17.9%, Jackie Chan’s new film has not washed over the 1 billion. In August until now is less than 3 billion, "the Bourne 5" "ice age 5" ending, no waves. If you look at these data, some bad, but if the other point of view, it is not the same. The data of June, in addition to a special "Warcraft", the other is reflected in the Hollywood in the global market as a whole, "X" X-Men: Apocalypse "shaking round 2" Magic 2 "Independence Day" "Finding Nemo" Alice in Wonderland "2 2" and "angry birds" etc. in China at the box office, and in the global market, are not as good as expected. Moreover, in China, Hollywood blockbusters are not the same as in previous years, the domestic protection of the month out, and now China’s number of screens and viewing trips, a month of six new films in Hollywood, has the ability to digest. But they still don’t behave well, not the audience, but this does not Hollywood, this is something. July data, in fact, is the second in history, second only to the lives of students cut down the terror of the year of 5 billion in July 2015. At that time, everyone hoped that this is the norm, but this may seem an illusion. In fact, the July box office and.相关的主题文章:

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