Super spider man Anderson Silva career ten magic moment (under) super spider man Anderson – Silva UFC Chinese hearing before the UFC middleweight champion "spider" Anderson – Silva (Anderson Silva MMA) is considered to be one of the best player in the history of Beijing time, February 28th, he will be held in London UFC Fight Night 84 in return against Michael Bisping (Michael Bisping), it can become a magical moment of his occupation career? Who will stop the Brazilian from following the UFC 82 second round of victory over Dan Henderson (Dan Henderson) after 5 UFC opponents in March 1, 2008? The answer may be Dan Henderson, who has just signed UFC, the only person in history who holds both the middleweight and light heavyweight titles of PRIDE. In the first round of the match, Henderson showed his ability to match his own identity, and his right hand made Silva dare not attack. But Brazilian Silva was also wearing a black belt. He escaped the Henderson attack in the second round, brought the game into ground warfare, and won Henderson in 10 bare seconds at the end of the round. In August 8, 2009 101 the first round of KO UFC (Forrest Griffin) – Forrest Griffin in 5 consecutive successfully defending the middleweight title, Silva decided to go to the light heavyweight water, while his opponent is the level of the former champion Griffin forrest. Because it wasn’t a championship game, Silva was pretty relaxed, and the game became the most classic case of spider style. Immovable avoid Griffin’s combined attack, as well as in the back of Griffin’s two dodge jab after blow rival KO, have become the magic moment, after fans repeatedly aftertaste. In August 7, 2010 117 the fifth round UFC surrender (Chael Sonnen) – Cher Sognefjord and in the past, before the game no one thinks Thorne will win, or even most people think he supports in the first round, but the game has almost become the Brazilian Waterloo. The wrestler was born with wrestling Silva sogn. After then, above the pounding fist tactics tightly pressed on the spider without moving, standing, and are not good at falling Silva this is no way. The game came to the fifth round, when people wait for spider Dynasty ended, Silva suddenly caught Sognefjord loopholes, successful rivals to surrender arms triangle, win. February 5, 2011 UFC 126 first round KO of Vito Belfort (Vitor Belfort) DeVito is considered as the most threat to Silva’s opponent, a short time he signs of the continuous punches with amazing lethality, so this game is also known as the battle of the century between brazil. 3 minutes after the start of the game, the two people almost no offensive action, as soon as possible

超级蜘蛛人安德森-席尔瓦生涯十大神奇时刻(下) 超级蜘蛛人安德森-席尔瓦   UFC中国讯 前UFC中量级冠军“蜘蛛”安德森-席尔瓦(Anderson Silva)被认为是MMA史上最优秀的选手之一,北京时间2月28日,他即将在伦敦举行的UFC Fight Night 84中回归对阵迈克尔-比斯平(Michael Bisping),这能否成为他职业生涯中的又一个神奇时刻呢?   2008年3月1日 UFC 82第二回合降服丹-亨德森(Dan Henderson)   在轻松击败了5位UFC对手后,谁能阻止这位巴西人的脚步呢?答案也许是刚刚签约UFC的丹-亨德森,历史上唯一一位同时持有PRIDE中量级和轻重量级冠军头衔的人。比赛的第一回合中,亨德森展现出了符合自己身份的能力,右手重拳使得席尔瓦不敢贸然进攻。但身为巴西人的席尔瓦还身披柔术黑带,他在第二回合躲过亨德森的进攻后将比赛带入地面战,并在距离该回合结束10秒时以裸绞降服了亨德森。   2009年8月8日 UFC 101首回合KO福瑞斯特-格里芬(Forrest Griffin)   在连续5次成功卫冕中量级冠军头衔后,席尔瓦决定去轻重量级试水,而他的对手就是该级别的前冠军福瑞斯特-格里芬。由于不是冠军战,因此席尔瓦的心态相当放松,这场比赛也成为了蜘蛛风格最经典的案例。原地不动躲避格里芬的组合拳进攻,以及在后退闪避了格里芬的两记刺拳后一击将对手KO,都成为了日后被拳迷们反复回味的神奇时刻。   2010年8月7日 UFC 117第五回合降服切尔-松恩(Chael Sonnen)   和以往一样,比赛前没有人认为松恩会赢,甚至绝大多数人认为他撑不过第一回合,但这场比赛却险些成为巴西人的滑铁卢。摔跤手出身的松恩用摔跤技术将席尔瓦放倒后,再以上位砸拳的战术牢牢地将蜘蛛压制在下位,没有了站立移动的优势,又不善于防摔的席尔瓦对此毫无办法。比赛来到第五回合,就在人们等待蜘蛛王朝结束的时候,席尔瓦突然抓住松恩的漏洞,以手臂三角锁成功降服对手,逆转取胜。   2011年2月5日 UFC 126首回合KO维托-贝尔福特(Vitor Belfort)   维托被认为是对席尔瓦最具威胁的对手,他招牌式的短时间内连续出拳具有惊人的杀伤力,因此这场比赛也被称为是巴西人之间的世纪之战。比赛开始后的整整3分钟里两人都几乎没有任何攻击动作,就当气氛有些沉闷的时候,席尔瓦突然一记前踢正中维托下巴,直接将其KO击败。这一幕成为了UFC历史上绝对的经典,无论在大大小小的宣传片还是最佳KO盘点中,你总能反复见到这一幕。   2012年7月7日 UFC 148第二回合KO切尔-松恩(Chael Sonnen)   称这是UFC历史上最受关注的二番战也不为过,两人之间的仇恨使得发布会和称重仪式上都是火药味十足。作为唯一曾险些击败席尔瓦的人,松恩用口水战完全点燃了巴西人的怒火。比赛第一回合与两年前的那一战没有任何区别,松恩利用摔跤技术牢牢地将席尔瓦压制在地面上。第二回合1分50秒左右,松恩的一记转身肘击打空,席尔瓦抓住机会以膝击将倒在笼边的松恩KO击败,但同时这也成为了他对中量级冠军头衔的最后一次卫冕。(UFC中国 大拿)   访问UFC查看更多资讯、视频内容相关的主题文章:

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