Suzhou 10 years old of children addicted to online games by more than 30 thousand telecommunications fraud during the national day, Changshou City Public Security Bureau, police station received a special fraud report, why special, because in this case the victim Yang was 10 years old this year, in a network game have been cheated 30500 yuan. Xiao Yang, accompanied by his mother, went to the police station to tell the police that in September, he was fascinated by an online game called "big ball and big battle". Playing with him, he knew a few little partners in the game, one of them said…… There is a software, installed after it can help him play the game more powerful, and later do not want to play, you can sell again. Is that right? Heartbeat?. Originally the software to more than 20 thousand yuan, but with you, you give me 200 pieces, I can give you the software oh. All right. Xiao Yang listen to each other is so generous, they give each other without demur to 200 dollars. But after the money, the other said software do not go out, after Yang turn money, play games, several partners also came and Xiao Yang said the software how well, after buying a can sell to make money and so on, Xiao Yang said yunliwuli, has been tempted transfer money to each other. So, within 3 days, Xiao Yang even unwittingly transferred to each other 16 times a total of 30500 yuan money, but never see the legend of the magic software. Xiao Yang was aware that they will not be cheated, but did not dare to tell mother, until her mother found the bank card less money to ask him, Yang Cai hesitantly said again that mother and. Xiao Yang’s mother Ms. Lee told the police, own this card usually do not use, has not opened SMS alerts, so I do not know Yang bound his own bank card online payment, Ms. Lee said his regret is careless, even children cheated so much money they haven’t found. Police remind you: parents and friends, pay attention to the time limit usually give children pocket money, but also should pay attention to the child’s usual spending, cut the child not to do a bank card shuaishouzhanggui, children need parents to take care of and care.

苏州10岁小孩沉迷网络游戏 被电信诈骗3万多国庆期间,常熟市公安局兴福派出所接到了一个特殊的诈骗报案,为什么说特殊呢,因为这个案件中的被害人小杨今年才10岁,在一款网络游戏中被人骗了30500元。小杨在妈妈的陪同下来到派出所,告诉民警,九月份的时候他迷上了一款叫“球球大作战”的网络游戏。玩着玩着,他在游戏中认识了几个小伙伴,其中一个人说……有一款软件,装了之后可以帮助他玩游戏更厉害,而以后不想玩了也可以再卖掉。是吗,心动。本来这个软件要2万多元,但是和你有缘,你给我200块,我就可以把软件给你用哦。好吧。小杨一听对方竟然如此仗义,二话不说便给对方转了200块钱。但是转完钱之后,对方却说软件发不出去,要小杨再转钱,之后,一起玩游戏的几个伙伴也都来和小杨说这个软件如何如何好,买了之后还可以卖掉赚钱等等,把小杨说的云里雾里的,便一直经不住诱惑给对方转钱。于是在3天之内,小杨竟然不知不觉给对方转了16次钱共计30500元,但始终没有见到那款传说中神奇的软件。小杨自己也意识到自己会不会被骗了,但是又不敢告诉妈妈,一直到妈妈发现银行卡上的钱少了来问他,小杨才吞吞吐吐地把事情和妈妈说了一遍。小杨的妈妈李女士告诉民警,自己这张卡平时也不怎么用,也没有开通短信提醒,所以也不知道小杨绑定了自己的银行卡在网上付款,李女士非常后悔说是自己大意了,竟然孩子被骗了这么多钱自己还没有发现。民警提醒:各位家长朋友,平时给孩子零花钱的时候要注意限度,也要关注孩子平时的花销,切不能给孩子一张银行卡就做甩手掌柜,孩子的成长需要家长的多多关心及呵护。相关的主题文章:

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