Tainan 16 storey building collapsed 5 storey building into the left 800 people rescued 34 people – Sohu [global network news roundup] according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported on February 6th, the eve of the lunar new year at 6.4 earthquake, Yongkang District of Tainan City, up to 16 floors of the Crown Victoria Building, from the moment the 16 floor died into only 5 the building floor, a rough estimate of at least about 200 households, households may have 800 people, it is difficult to estimate casualties. Tainan dispatched a large number of police and fire rescue, search in the devastation of the floor, the building collapsed 1 hours, at 4:50 in the morning rescued 34 people, rescue continued. Many people have relatives and friends rushed to the scene, such as a good news, Mr. Luo rushed to the scene the first time, he said, daughter just born a week’s confinement, 3 grandchildren do not know how the situation? The first rescued 3 floor resident, 46 year old Miss Chen, has been asking the police to hurry up and help her find her 96 year old mother again. At present, the scene is still in continuous rescue. In addition to the Yongkang building collapse, Xinhua capital bank, Gueiren, Eastern, Rende and other places came to the building collapse accident. Tainan municipal government also set up a first level strain center, in response to the sudden earthquake accident.

台南16层大楼垮塌剩成5层 楼内800人救出34人-搜狐新闻  【环球网综合报道】据台湾《中时电子报》2月6日报道,小年夜凌晨6.4强震,台南市永康区高达16层楼的维冠大楼,瞬间从16楼夭折成只剩5楼,粗估该栋大楼至少约200户、住户可能有800人,伤亡难以估算。台南市出动大批警消抢救,在满目疮痍的楼层中寻人,大楼倒塌1小时候,截至凌晨4时50分救出34人,持续救援中。   不少住户亲友闻讯,赶到现场等好消息,一名罗先生第一时间赶赴现场,他说,女儿刚生完一周,正在坐月子,3个孙子也不知道状况如何?最早被救出来的3楼住户46岁陈小姐,一直要求警消赶快再帮她找96岁高龄的母亲。目前现场仍持续救援中。   除了永康大楼倒塌,新化京城银行、归仁、东区、仁德等地都传出有大楼倒塌意外。台南市政府也开设一级应变中心,因应这场突如其来的地震事故。相关的主题文章:

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