Taking advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival to exercise the child’s social skills [Abstract] a child’s social skills are closely related with the environment, that is, he and the students have this instinct, but also very much the need to provide the environment. Mid Autumn Festival is a very good opportunity to cultivate children’s social skills. Encourage their children to the children’s home to visit the child’s interaction is also like adult exchanges, both can come in, you can go out, the two equally important. In order to avoid their children to add trouble to others, you can let the children bring some small gifts to the children’s home, so thoughtful and polite, but also let the children learn to share. Give your child a full freedom if you observe carefully, you can find: some children like to play a little smaller than their own children, and some children like to play with their larger children. Some parents worry that their children will suffer if they play with older children, limiting their children and older children to play. But it is more likely that children can play with their older children and learn how to interact with their younger brothers and sisters. So, please respect the child, give the child the freedom to choose the right of children, you just need to help to do some reference. Traveling around with children can expand the scope of children’s contacts, increase his contacts. At the same time, more and more will also increase the child’s understanding of foreign cultures or customs. Mid Autumn Festival can also be arranged to go out to play some programs. Teach children to use polite language to cultivate civilized and polite behavior, so that children form a modest and polite behavior to better adapt to social interaction. Polite language to teach children to interact with others, such as greeting, phone language, how to answer a question, to ask others for directions, etc.. Xiaobian summary: take advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival invited to visit next door neighbours can exercise the baby, social skills, but also cultivate children’s collective consciousness of life. Benefit a lot of it.相关的主题文章:

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