Take the kids to the traffic safety camp on weekends! What, there is no child safety awareness than the importance of training. If your child is just learning about traffic safety; if your child is curious about new things, take part in the "children’s safety training camp in Shenzhen,, September"! Interesting experience, better able to stimulate children’s awareness of traffic safety, travel safer. Quickly call 0755-88645305, sign up! Event details: September 10th at 2:30       Futian shop;             September 11th at 2:30   Xiangmi Lake store location: Shenzhen Baoyuanhang BMW 4S shop registration hotline: 0755-88645305 note: children aged between 4-10 years old advice. ———————————- BMW authorized dealer of Shenzhen Baoyuanhang Automotive Sales Service Co. Ltd. Futian shop address: Shenzhen Futian Futian District, Fu’an bus station tower building, building a two sales hotline: +86 75582752222 customer service hotline: +86 75582752988 Xiangmi Lake store address: Shenzhen City, Futian District Xiangmi Lake square Huapeng auto sales hotline: A3  +86  7558397  6666 customer service hotline: +86  7558338  8878 Merlin shop address: Shenzhen City, Futian District Meilin Street No. 7014 North Central Avenue, Shenhua transportation building on the first floor and two floor service hotline: +86  7558183  2222 road rescue call: 15012552 micro signal: szbaoyuanhang Sina: micro-blog @ Shenzhen Baoyuanhang BMW 4S shop szbyh4s相关的主题文章:

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